PlayArts and DC Collectibles SDCC 2013

Playarts and DC go hand in hand due to the incredible Batman pieces they both produce. Of course each company has their own style and products but i felt it would be cool to see them both together. I am a fan and I have met the guys behind some of the coolest DC products on the market. The B&W statues are sweet and so is the New 52 figures. Check em out after the jump!

IMG_0476_1024x768 IMG_0477_1024x768 IMG_0478_1024x768 IMG_0479_1024x768 IMG_0480_1024x768 IMG_0482_1024x768 IMG_0484_1024x768 IMG_0485_1024x768 IMG_0486_1024x768 IMG_0487_1024x768 IMG_0488_1024x768 IMG_0489_1024x768 IMG_0490_1024x768 IMG_0492_1024x768 IMG_0493_1024x768 IMG_0494_1024x768 IMG_0495_1024x768 IMG_0497_1024x768 IMG_0498_1024x768 IMG_0499_1024x768 IMG_0500_1024x768 IMG_0501_1024x768 IMG_0502_1024x768 IMG_0503_1024x768 IMG_0504_1024x768 IMG_0505_1024x768 IMG_0506_1024x768 IMG_0507_1024x768 IMG_0508_1024x768 IMG_0509_1024x768 IMG_0510_1024x768 IMG_0511_1024x768 IMG_0512_1024x768 IMG_0513_1024x768 IMG_0514_1024x768 IMG_0515_1024x768 IMG_0516_1024x768 IMG_0517_1024x768 IMG_0518_1024x768 IMG_0519_1024x768 IMG_0520_1024x768 IMG_0521_1024x768 IMG_0522_1024x768 IMG_0523_1024x768 IMG_0524_1024x768 IMG_0525_1024x768 IMG_0537_1024x768 IMG_0538_1024x768 IMG_0539_1024x768 IMG_0540_1024x768 IMG_0541_1024x768 IMG_0542_1024x768 IMG_0543_1024x768 IMG_0544_1024x768 IMG_0545_1024x768 IMG_0548_1024x768 IMG_0549_1024x768 IMG_0560_1024x768 IMG_0561_1024x768