Platinum Editions and Masterpiece Transformers High Res Images

Hasbro also released info on some upcoming Platinum Edition Transformers. Target is set to carry both the Blaster and Perceptor 2 pack and the mighty Trypticon. These alone will make G1 enthusiasts happy. Not to be outdone, Toys R Us will get an exclusive Masterpiece Starscream which, of course, will go great with the just released Bluestreak. Check out the images below and a huge thanks goes out to HunterPR for the images. 

Platinum Blaster and Perceptor set – Exclusive to Target
Platinum Trypticon – Exclusive to Target

The Platinum Seeker 3 pack- Exclusive to Target (Available Now)

Masterpiece Bluestreak – Exclusive to TRU
Masterpiece Starscream – Exclusive to TRU, available 10/1

B0769_Jet_Seekers_1 B0769_Jet_Seekers_1a B0769_Jet_Seekers_2 B0769_Jet_Seekers_2a B0769_Jet_Seekers_3 B0769_Jet_Seekers_3a B0769AS00_630509281619_pkg_2_14 B0769AS00_630509281619_pkg_14 B0771AS00_630509289394_pkg_2_15 B0771AS00_630509289394_pkg_15 B0771AS00--TRA-PLATINUM-PERCEPTOR-AND-BLASTER_1 B0771AS00--TRA-PLATINUM-PERCEPTOR-AND-BLASTER_3 B0771AS00--TRA-PLATINUM-PERCEPTOR-AND-BLASTER_10 B0771AS00--TRA-PLATINUM-PERCEPTOR-AND-BLASTER_11 B0773AS00_630509289417_pkg_2_15 B0773AS00_630509289417_pkg_15 B0773AS00-329768-TRA-PLATINUM-EDITION-TRYPTICON-13 B0773AS00-329769-TRA-PLATINUM-EDITION-TRYPTICON-94 B0773AS00-329769-TRA-PLATINUM-EDITION-TRYPTICON-206 B0773AS00-329769-TRA-PLATINUM-EDITION-TRYPTICON-220 B2501 Blue Streak Pkg TRU B2501 Blue Streak Robot TRU B2501 Blue Streak Vehicle TRU B4702 Masterpiece Starscream Robot Vehicle