Peepland #1 Preview

The first press release that we received from Titan Comics about Peepland left us a little perplexed about how to handle it. We’ve reviewed more mature material here before, and our editorial policy is to keep the site as family-friendly as possible. We find even censoring content as minimally as possible distasteful, as it can obstruct the artistic vision of the creators. It also puts us in the position of enforcing our moral code upon other people who may not share it, being either more or less conservative in their definition of “objectionable.”

Fortunately, Titan prevented us from being conflicted in sending us “preview art that they themselves marked as “censored.” The series does look as if it is one intended for more mature readers, but it should not put you off of it, as these are the comics that push the boundaries of what the medium can offer. We haven’t read a full preview yet, so we can’t say that Peepland is one of those series, it does look to be something worth a look, provided that you aren’t easily offended. Check out the preview below.

peepland1_tomm-cokerPEEPLAND #1

Writers: Christa Faust, Gary Phillips
Artist: Andrea Camerini
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: October 12

Times Square, 1986: the home of New York’s red light district where strip clubs, porno theatres and petty crime prevails.

When a chance encounter for Peepbooth worker Roxy Bell leads to the brutal murder of a public access pornographer, the erotic performer and her punk rock ex-partner Nick Zero soon find themselves under fire from criminals, cops, and the city elite, as they begin to untangle a complex web of corruption leading right to city hall.

Like The Naked City, there are eight million stories in The Deuce. This is one of them.

peepland_1_cover_a peepland_1_cover_b peepland_1_cover_c peepland_1_cover_d peepland_1_cover_e

COVER A – Fay Dalton
COVER B – Mack Chater
COVER C – Ben Oliver
COVER D – Alex Ronald
COVER E – Dennis Calero
COVER F – Tomm Coker

Preview Pages:

peepland-1-art-preview-1 peepland-1-art-preview-2 peepland-1-art-preview-3 peepland-1-art-preview-4 peepland-1-art-preview-5