Pathfinder Minimates Ostog the Unslain & Cairn Wight

We’ve got another Pathfinder two pack of Minimates to look at, this time it’s Ostog the Unslain matched against Cairn Wight.


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 01

The package is the same basic blister card I showed you last time, what I failed to show last time though is the artwork behind the figures. Typically it’s just a plain color or picture or something. This time though, it’s goblins!

Pathfinder Minimates Card

I really like this artwork and it’s kinda surprising that it’s not more noticeable while the figures are attached to the card.


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 02

The first figure of the set is Ostog the Unslain. Ostog the Unslain cannot be killed—or at least that’s what he keeps telling everyone (and himself). His heroic deeds keep the skalds of his northern home singing of his bravery.

The figure is your basic Minimate in furry underwear (This is the piece I was using in my Skeletor custom WIP I showed in the previous review) He has a screaming face (Could be anger, could be the thrill of the fight)  and his chest seems to have some celtic tattoo on it.


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 03

Ostog comes with a single sword with a fancy hilt


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 04

The next figure is Cairn Wight. Until I researched this I was thinking this was an undead soldier who had the name Cairn Wight in life, but apparently a Cairn Wight is a stronger version of a Wight, which is an undead humanoid creature. The Cairn Wight guards forlorn tombs and burial mounds. So deep is its undead evil that its very touch drains life—an ability that extends to its terrible sword.

The figure looks to be a zombie dressed in medieval armor/clothes. The Cairn Wight has a removable helmet, cape and spare, ungloved hand to give a more basic zombie appearance.

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 05


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 06

I really like the face tampo. It looks really good coupled with the helmet


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 07

The Cairn Wight comes with a basic looking sword and a medieval styled shield that can plug onto the tab on his forearm harness. This figure is the reason I bought this set because it’s basically a Deadite from the movie Army of Darkness. I can’t say enough good things about the Cairn Wight figure. It hits all the points I was looking for in a Minimate Deadite. There’s cool zombie details mixed with medieval accessories and I love the look of the shield.

The Cairn Wight was the winner in this set for me. Ostog is ok, but falls a little flat for me. No fault of the toy itself, the basic unkillable barbarian just isn’t up my alley. For other collectors in the same mindset, grab up many of these sets for the Deadite army builder and use the multiple Ostogs to start some MOTU customs. For everyone else, this set gives you two fantasy sword fighters that can make up a lot of battle scenes.


Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 08

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 09

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 10

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 11

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 12

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 13

Pathfinder Ostag Cairn 14