Pathfinder Minimates Isiem & Ghoul Review

The world of Pathfinder has received the Minimate treatment. Is the combination of Minimates and fantasy role playing games a critical hit? Read on to find out!


Pathfinder makers, Paizo had 4 two packs for sale at Gencon 2014 and they have now put these sets up on their website. Today we’re looking at the two pack with the young wizard Isiem and an undead Ghoul.

Pathfinder Minimates 01 Isiem

The package is your basic blister card. The Pathfinder logo and names of the figures are on the insert. The back shows the whole wave and has bios for each

Isiem – The young wizard Isiem trained in the infamous Dusk Hall of Nidal, under the guidance of wicked clerics of the god of darkness. Despite this, his spirit remains bright as he fights against evil.

Ghoul – The undead Ghoul constantly hungers for living flesh. Unlike common skeletons or zombies, ghouls retain a measure of their former intelligence, making them resourceful foes.


Pathfinder Minimates 02 Isiem

Isiem comes dressed in a nice black cloak over a black outfit with some lined designs and  sculpted belt.


Pathfinder Minimates 03 Isiem

Isiem has one weapon, a small ritual knife


Pathfinder Minimates 04 Isiem

He also comes with a few other pieces, a spare hair piece for a hoodless look and a reused Doctor Strange portal stand. The hair looks good, but it seems to push the head at an angle when pushed all the way down on the head. The tails and the cloak are off just a bit.


Pathfinder Minimates 05 Ghoul

The Ghoul is blue, has a sculpted loincloth and head. The chest tampo shows off a slightly emaciated body.

Pathfinder Minimates 06 Ghoul Hands

The Ghoul has two clawed hands, a regular hand that can hold a piece of sculpted meat/leg bone and another hand with sculpted intestines wrapped around it. Both of these Walking Dead reused meat parts work great for the Ghoul.


Pathfinder Minimates 07 Skull

Included in this set is a Minimate head/skull piece. This is the part that drew me to the set. I really like the skull art on this piece and the fact that it can sit on a table or be used on a Minimate body makes it a great addition.


Pathfinder Minimates 08 Skeletor

When I first saw this set one thing flashed through my mind……You could get most of the parts needed to make a Skeletor custom in one set! (The furry underwear came from another set) That was my intention when I ordered the set, but after playing with the figures, I find it difficult to tear them apart to make Skeletor. The Ghoul really won me over on a Minimate property I didn’t have any interest in. Isiem is a nice looking figure and looks great in wizard dios. For a couple of figures using a lot of reused parts, I really like the set and am glad I picked it up.


Pathfinder Minimates 09 Isiem

Pathfinder Minimates 10 Isiem

Pathfinder Minimates 11 Isiem

Pathfinder Minimates 12 Isiem

Pathfinder Minimates 13 Ghoul

Pathfinder Minimates 14 Ghoul

Pathfinder Minimates 15 Ghoul