Panosh Place Voltron Variations Pt 2

Last time we looked at the Pilots of Voltron. This time we’re delving into the variations of the villain figures from Panosh Place’s Voltron toy line.


Welcome to part two! We’re looking at the villains from Panosh Place’s Voltron line. There are more figures and a few more variations so this will be a little bit longer than part 1.


Starting us off is King Zarkon. The left side figure has a thicker belt than the right side Zarkon. The Left Zarkon has a wider space between his legs. The Right Zarkon stands taller than the left one.

My Right Zarkon appears to have a black torso, but I believe this is just discoloration damage. When I use a flash, the torso looks like a dark burgundy indicative of purple plastic that has yellowed. This does pose an interesting theory as it’s now the 6th figure (counting the Voltron Pilots) that has yellowed and has the date stamp on the back of the legs. I’m not sure, but maybe those figures are more prone to yellowing over time?


There are a few sculptural changes on Zarkon’s chest. The Gold crest on Left Zarkon is fairly flat around the three dots. The right Zarkon crest has tiny sculpted lines around the three dots. Right above the crest on the Left Zarkon is part of a diamond pattern. The diamond isn’t there on the right Zarkon. The gold chain is much thicker on the left Zarkon. The collar and lapels on the left Zarkon are much simpler than the right Zarkon.

Zarkon’s head sculpt looks to be almost the same. The right Zarkon’s details seem more cleaned up than the left. The yellow of the eyes on the left Zarkon almost appear as if they were painted upside down compared to the sculpt. The left head is angled looking upwards while the right one has a more straight on position. The biggest difference here is that the right Zarkon has black eyebrows painted on while the left Zarkon has no painted eyebrows.


Here you can see the different positions of the heads. The Zarkon hands on the left are crudely sculpted compared to the right Zarkon’s hands. The hand shape is flatter on the left while the right looks like an actual hand.


The diamond/dot trim pattern on Zarkon’s clothes is different on the back. Up by the collar, the left Zarkon has a diamon dead center. The right Zarkon collar has a dot in the center. The right Zarkon doesn’t even have dots on the trim down the back. The left Zarkon continues the diamond/dot pattern in the sculpt.


I don’t like relying on paint apps to tell the difference, but Zarkon’s eyebrows ARE the easiest way to tell them apart. If you have doubts based on the eyebrows, look for the diamond at the top of the crest.




Haggar the Witch is the simplest figure in the whole line. She is also probably one of the hardest to tell apart from each other. At a quick glance, they look the same, but if you look at her cat Cova, you can see that the right one has sharper details than the left one.


The tuft of fur on right side of Cova’s face has almost no detail at all on the left figure. You can see three distinct lines on the same tuft on the right Cova. The details in general are much softer on the left Cova. The eyes on the right Cova have a deep sculpted line around them that just makes them look cleaner. The stripe down the middle of Cova’s head comes to a point on the left but has a blunted tip on the right. The left Cova also only has one front leg painted blue. The other leg is green like Haggar’s skin.


Haggar’s one movable arm is thinner and set lower on the Right Haggar than on the Left Haggar. The left Haggar hand has simple sculpting details, but the right one almost looks like there were sections hacked off around the fingers.


Looking at the feet, you can see that the right robe has an edge above the foot while the left robe has more of a rounded detail above the foot. In fact, most of the robe’s details are like this. The right side has sharper details while the left side’s details are more rounded.


Haggar is the only figure in this line that doesn’t have a date stamp on the bottom of her “feet”. There are still differences though. The left Haggar has all the info in two lines. The right Haggar uses four lines for the info. The robe has a gradual up-curve at the bottom (under the date stamp) on the left while the right one is a taller, shorter up-curve.

As I mentioned, Haggar is much harder to tell apart. Date stamp or Cova’s details are your best bets for telling them apart.



Unlike Haggar, Prince Lotor has a lot of noticeable differences. There are three distinct paint differences. The left Lotor has white paint covering the neck while the right one is blue like his skin. There is a red line above the yellow fringe on the right Lotor. Also the right Lotor has a light blue belt while the left Lotor’s belt is the same color as his skin.

On to the sculptural details. The left Lotor’s head is angled downward while the right Lotor is looking upwards. The collar on the left Lotor has a lot of lines close together. The right Lotor’s collar has wider spaces between the lines. On the left chest there are two dark blue lines above the skull while there is only one above the right skull. There is a vertical line going from the skull and between the blue lines on the left Lotor. Speaking of the skull, the left skull has sharper details than the right skull. The wrists on the right Lotor are much thinner than the left. The hands on the right are also open more than the left.


On these side shots you can see that the left Lotor has pointed ears. The right Lotor’s ears are more rounded. Right Lotor also has a rounded nose while left Lotor has a pointed nose. Like I mentioned, the wrists are thinner on the right. This makes the bracelets appear larger. The left Lotor hands have simpler details between the fingers. The right ones are deeper.


The left Lotor’s hip part of the legs appears thinner than the right. The butt on the left is also rounded instead of stopping at a hard edge like the right one.


The left Lotor’s feet and legs are smaller than the right Lotor.


There are a few ways to tell Lotor apart. The white neck vs blue neck are pretty easy to spot. You can also look for the two bars vs one bar above the skull belt as those are sculpted details.



Doom Commander has a few differences, some of which are a little hard to see. From the front, you can see that the left DC has much bigger painted eyes. The right DC has normal sized eyes. Left DC’s shoulder pauldrons stick out from his arms more than the right DC. The right hand on the left DC is in a different position than the right one’s right hand. The left DC’s hand has the back/top facing towards the front while the right DC’s hand has the top of the hand facing sideways in a normal position.


From the side we can see the “ears” on the right DC are a half circle or C shape. The left DC’s ears are more like three protrusions or spikes. The torso on the left is thicker than on the right. The bright red armor is also a little different. If you look at the collar on the left, you can see it sticks out much further from the body than the right one does.


The left DC has a thin line going down it’s back. The right one has a thicker line and the back is rounded a bit more going into the line. The square under the belt goes further down on the right than on the left. The butt on the right appears smaller than the one on the left. The hip part of the legs on the left look thinner than the ones on the right.


The easiest way to tell these guys apart are the eyes. Maybe the right hand or ears can help identify them if you can’t see the date stamp, but the eyes really are easier.



Skull Scavenger is similar to Doom Commander as the differences are fairly minute. The first one that pops out is the right Scavenger has four black dots on his chest armor. I’ve seen enough of the no-dot Scavengers to realize this is an actual difference and not just paint wear. Also interesting, I noticed that the right Scavenger’s torso is light grey plastic with the dark grey parts painted while the left Scavenger is reversed. The left one’s torso is dark grey plastic that has light grey paint. The square below the belt is dark grey on the left while it is light grey on the right. The hip part of the legs are much thinner on the left than on the right. The right legs have indentations on the front of them at the bottom of the crotch while the left legs are smooth.

The heads appear to be the same but there’s a couple of subtle differences. The biggest one is the necks. The neck on the left is thin with a wide band at the bottom giving it an hourglass shape. The right Scanvenger’s neck is more cone shaped being wide at the bottom and thinner at the top. The face appears to be slightly different as well. The Philtrum (Line below the nose) is more pronounced on the right. The nose on the right is slightly wider than the left. The eyes are also bigger on the right.


The side view shows that the shoulder pauldrons on the left have a sharper bottom edge than those on the right. Just like most of the figures, the right Scavenger appears to have better detailed hands than the left Skull Scavenger. While the heads appear to be looking in about the same direction, if you look at the bottom of the neck joint, you’ll notice that the left one is at an angle while the right one is flat.


The back view reveals a difference that’s not as noticeable from the front. The dark grey shoulder blades/neck area rises higer from the light grey armor on the left than the one on the right. This would be why the left neck joint is at an angle while the right one is flat. The spine line on the left is a thin straight line while the one on the right is a bit more organic looking. It’s thicker in the middle than it is at either end. The vertical lines of the shoulder armor are a slight bit more angled on the right than on the left. Just like the front, the square under the belt on the left is dark grey while it’s light grey on the right.


Date Stamps are the easiest sculptural mark to differentiate between the two. If that’s not available to see, look for the dots on the chest or the square below the belt to tell which Skull Scavenger is which.



Robeast Scorpious has quite a few differences. The shoulder fins are the most noticeable to me. The left Scorpious has four black points with three red spaces on each fin. The right Scorpious has five black points with four red spaces. The eyes are thinner on the left and wider on the right. The yellow chain around the neck goes right up to the neck joint on the left. The chain stops just below the neck joint on the right. The white box is rounded on the top and has a smaller box at the bottom with a squished red oval on the left. The white box on the right has a sharp edge on top and the bottom box is larger with a taller red oval than the left version.

The red box on the chest is sculpted differently on the left. There’s a sculpted ridge around it and while the interior shapes are similar, the upside down L on the left has a line between it and the tiny square attached to it. The right side version of this shape has both pieces sculpted as one part. The right red box also has a small square sculpted in the upper corner, the left side red box doesn’t have this piece at all.

The belt has two black partial circles on either side of it on the left while the right belt has full yellow circles with small black dots. The sculpt of these parts are also different with the left ones being partial cylinders and the right ones being full cylinders. On the left, the top cylinders extend past the lower ones, but on the right it’s the bottom cylinders that extend past the top ones.


This closer view can show some of the details I explained above. You’ll also notice that on the left theres a clearly sculpted line going from the corners of the red box up to the shoulders. The right Scorpious has something similar, but it looks more like the shape of the body instead of a distinct line like on the left. The left hand is in a different position on the left Scorpious showing the top of the hand while the right Scorpious’ left hand has the top pointing to the side. The details/edges of the gauntlets and hands are sharper on the right Scorpious than they are on the left Scorpious. The legs of the right Scorpious have indentations on his legs like the Skull Scavenger. The legs on the left Scorpious have very subtle indentations that are only really noticable from the side with a very bright light.



The backs of the figures look very similar. The yellow necklace dips further down the back on the right than on the left. The right back is sculpted at the same level with the lines pressed into it. The left back is shaped a little differently with the bottom triangle section being lower than the rest of the back. The cylinders on the sides of the belt are more noticeable on the left because they stick out further and are painted yellow. The ones on the right are closer to the body and are unpainted.


The date stamp on the bottom of the foot appears tiny but is actually the same size as on the other Panosh Place Voltron figures. As I mentioned earlier, the shoulder fins are the easiest way to tell the Scorpious figures apart. The belt cylinders should help too.




Our last figure is Robeast Mutilor. First off, I notice the purple color is darker on the right. The torso on the right looks discolored to me from sun/heat which could cause the purple to be darker, but the purple on all of the limbs is also darker so I think it’s supposed to be a different shade of purple. The head on the right Mutilor has an upturned chin while the left one is looking straighter. The sculpt on the eyes and teeth is sharper on the right than on the left. On the left  Mutilor, both sides of the head curve inwards toward the neck joint. The left Mutilor only has one side of the head that does that. The right side of the right Mutilor’s head sticks out instead of curing inwards.

One of the easiest to notice differences is on the arms. The left Mutilor has four ridges between the shoulder and gauntlet. The right Mutilor has six ridges on the arms. The right hand on the left Mutilor has the thumb and the forefinger connected. On the right Mutilor the forefinger and thumb are separate. The hip joints on the legs are more squared off on the right Mutilor while they are more curved on the left one.


Here you can see the different angles of the heads. You’ll notice that the hands on the right Mutilor are longer than on the left. The insides of these hands are also better sculpted on the right Mutilor. (Sorry no picture of that) If you look at the red thighs, you can see how they dip down near the top on the right Mutilor and not as much on the left.


Mutilor’s back is almost the same except around the waist. The one on the right is sculpted with hints of making it look like a belt. The left one looks like it was sculpted as part of the back.


The “Made in China” mark is almost non existent on the foot stamp. Mutilor has a lot of little differences, but the arm ridges are probably the best way to tell them apart quickly.



And that concludes our look at the Panosh Place Voltron Variations. I’ve seen posts about differences between the American and Asian released Voltron lions, but I do not know if the US released lions also have differences between them like these figures do. Nor do I know about the other vehicles. In fact, I haven’t gotten any of the vehicles for my own collection. So for now, this will be all we look at with the Voltron figures. I hope you enjoyed seeing these comparisons as much as I’ve enjoyed documenting them.

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