Panosh Place Voltron Variations Pt 1

This is the first installment of a two part series looking at variations in the Panosh Place Voltron Action Figure line. We start the series off with Voltron’s Pilots.


At first glance this looks like two sets of Panosh Place Voltron Pilots, but if you take a closer look, you can see there are more than a few differences between both sets. (Aside from one team has yellowed over time) For this article I’m focusing on the sculpture differences between the figures. There are some paint differences (and possibly even more variations due to paint apps) but honestly, some of these figures already have enough paint wear that it’s hard to determine if it’s a missed paint app, actual variation or just paint wear. The sculptural differences suggest a variation that can be clearly tracked so I’m paying more attention to those details. That said, I will point out a couple of paint differences.


We’re starting with the leader of the Voltron Lion Force, Keith. These figures are very close to each other. Most of the biggest differences from the front are in the hips. The one on the left has angled lines on the outer hips while the one on the right has straighter lines. The torso area at the top of the legs but under the belt is flat on the left Keith and has cut indentions on the right one. The collar appears a little different in this view with the left figure having a thinner vertical line while the right Keith has more of a V cut line on the collar. The head on the left also appears slightly tilted unlike the right head.


Looking at the side views you can see that the collar is indeed different. The collar on the left is a lot thinner than the one on the right. The left collar is also sculpted at an angle where the head connects to it while the right one is a bit flatter. The head is also a little different. The end of the hair line seems to be closer to the sideburns on the left Keith than on the right one. Also the nose on the right one is more rounded than the one on the left. The Red Pauldrons on the shoulders are also different. The ones on the left are sculpted at an angle making them end higher on the shoulders than the ones on the right. This is more noticeable on the figure’s left shoulder. (seen at the bottom of the picture) This brings us to the hands. The hands on the right have sharper sculpted details than the hands on the left. It’s very noticeable when you look at the fingers. It’s hard to photograph, but the right Keith is a little shorter than the left one. The height difference is so miniscule that you’ll need both figures to actually notice it.


There is one difference that is the easiest way to tell which version you have and that’s the date stamp. Every figure in the whole line (except for Haggar) will either have a date stamp on the bottom of their feet or on the back of their legs. The figures on the left of these articles are the ones that have the copyright info stamped into the bottom of their feet while the ones on the right have the copyright info as raised letters on the back of their legs. In both cases, it’s the same info “Made in China” and 1984 WEP LTD (WEP stands for “World Events Productions” This is the animation company that released Voltron, Defender of the Universe)


Since both Keith figures are so similar, the easiest way to tell them apart is the date stamps. If you’re looking online and can’t see the stamps, I suggest looking just below the belt for the indentions at the top of the hips.



Next up is Princess Allura. Much like Keith, both Alluras are very similar. The shoulder pauldrons are drastically angled on the left Allura than on the right one. The V on Allura’s chest is also a little different. It connects to the shoulders on the left one and goes to the mid collarbone on the right Allura. The diamond shaped belt buckle has the top cut off on the right while the left one is a full diamond. The edges of the torso under the belt are rounded on the right and sharper on the left. Also the hips on the left appear thinner than the hips on the right. There are a couple of paint differences seen here too. The pauldrons on the left have a black line while the ones on the right are all pink. This is the only Voltron Pilot figure who doesn’t have the black stripes on the shoulders. Since I’ve seen many other versions of Allura without the black stripes I feel safe saying it’s an actual variation and not a missed paint app. If you look at Allura’s eyes you can see another paint difference. The one on the left has only blue and black paint making up the eyes. The right one adds white to the mix to make normal looking blue eyes.


While Allura’s head sculpt appears to be the same, the collars on the torsos are not. The torso on the right has a back collar piece while the one on the left doesn’t. This makes Allura’s hair appear to be sitting on her shoulders on the left and above her shoulders on the right. You can also see there are added strands of hair painted on the face on the right and not on the left. (Just like with the shoulders, I’ve looked at a number of Alluras on the left and none have the added strands of hair painted on them) Much like Keith, you can see that Allura’s hands on the right have sharper details than the one on the left. Unlike Keith, the left Allura is shorter than the right one.


Here we can see the date stamps again. As I previously mentioned, these are the best way to determine which version you have . If you can’t see the stamps, the shoulders or the belt buckle will be the easiest way to tell them apart.



Lance is probably the pilot with the least differences. (or at least the hardest to tell apart) The most obvious (from this angle) is the chin placement. The one on the left has his chin raised up a bit while the one on the right has the chin resting on the collar. The shoulder pauldrons are a little more rounded on the left than they are on the right. The outer cuts on the hips are a little sharper on the left than on the right. The left hands are in slightly different positions as well.


Here you can see the different positions of Lance’s chin. You’ll also notice that the collar on the left is angled while the right one is more flat. This shot can also show you how the left hand on the left figure is positioned with the top of the hand pointed foward. The right figure’s left hand has the top pointing more to the side. The right figure’s hands have sharper details than the left. The left Lance is slightly taller than the right one. Just like Keith and Allura, the height difference is slight.


As always, use the date stamps to tell the versions apart. I would suggest looking at the chin position, but depending on the angle of the picture you may be looking at, that may not help. Since both Lance figures are so similar you might be able to look for the deeper hip cut or the position of the hand, but the date stamp will be your best bet.



Pidge doesn’t have too many differences, thankfully there’s one clear difference. Pidge’s legs are either wide stance or close together. The left hand of both figures is in a slightly different pose. The one on the left is fairly open and straight fingers while the right one has a C shaped hand as if it is in a “gripping” pose. The notch in the collar has a V point on the left while it’s got a flat point on the right. Pidge’s eyes are painted differently. The right eyes have the typical down curved line with a pupil. The left eyes have an up curved line with the pupil. The left’s style of eye is more commonly seen on female figures to denote eyelashes.


In the side view, you can see that the Pidge head on the right has more of a neck than the one on the left. The collar on the left appears thicker than the one on the right. The shoulder pauldrons on the right have more of an edge while the left ones are rounded. Just like all the other pilots, the right Pidge has sharper details on the hand than the left one. The left Pidge stands a bit taller than the right one.


This is the only time I’ll say you don’t need to worry about the date stamp. The width of the leg stance with Pidge is so drastic that it’s the easiest way to tell them apart.



Lastly we have Hunk. You can see that the right Hunk has a neck that raises above his collar while you don’t see the left Hunk’s neck at all. The right Hunk’s torso cuts in drastically under the belt. Also the right Hunk’s thighs have indentions at the bottom of his crotch while the left ones are smooth.


The left elbow on the left Hunk is bent at a sharper angle than the right Hunk’s one. This causes the left hand to sit on the belt on the left Hunk and below the stomach on the right Hunk. This side shot also shows off the indentions in the stomach and thighs on the right Hunk better. You can also see the sharper details on the right Hunk’s hands. Right Hunk stands slightly taller than the left one.


Depending on what pictures you may be looking at online, I’d suggest looking for the stomach or neck seen on the right Hunk. As is typically the case, check for that date stamp. Either on the bottom of the feet or on the back of the leg.


That’s our look at the sculptural differences between the Panosh Place Voltron Pilots. As I mentioned there are potentially more variations based on paint apps but the figure sculpts seem to only be one of two versions. I’m not sure which ones came first or if two different factories had slightly different molds or what caused these variations. I’m also not sure why one set of variations are yellowed. Hence why I thought maybe there was a different factory with different molds. Looking on ebay I see plenty of the right side figures that aren’t yellowed. I’ve had all 10 of these figures for more than a few years now and I acquired them piece meal so I’m surprised that only one set is yellowed.

Anyway, I hope this guide helps you in finding the specific versions you’re looking for. I’m sorry to those of you who just realized you have to track down ALL of the figures a second time, I feel your pain. Join us for part two where we focus on all the evil villains and their variations!

Panosh Place Voltron Variations Pt 2