One 12 Collective Captain America Review

Mezco is changing the 6″ figure market. They are perfecting the perfect 6″ scaled figure. Their One 12 Collective line is something to marvel at. The overall movability on these figures is nothing short of amazing. Coming in late last year was the One 12 Collective Captain America. This figure is beyond cool and here is why:

  • 1-30+ points off articulation
  • 2- Real Cloth/ leather as needed
  • 3- Real human joint movement
  • 4- Accessories galore
  • 5- Figure stand
  • 6- fan friendly display box

I could go on and on about how awesome this figure is and I do believe I will. Like I mentioned, the one thing I do love about these figures is the real human joint movement. We all know we have limitations as far as how we can move our feet, arms, legs, shoulders, ect. Mezco make these figures to mimic our natural movement. There is no wacky movements here and the best part is, you do not see any joints! Unlike the traditional 6″ figures, no joints are seen which brings the level of authenticity even higher.

The amount if attention brought to Cap is excellent. The extra touch with the magnet in both the wrist, strap and Caps shield enables fans to strike really cool display poses. Adding in non atrusive magnets to the figure was pure genius. Trust me folks, the One 12 Collective is where the action is. Sure the other figures are cool but not on this level. Of course there is a catch; the price is high. Look at it like this…..The One 12 Collective is the Hot Toys for the 6″ figure market. You will get your money’s worth.   

This release sports a ton of interchangeable hands, grenades, a water canteen, a knife, swappable head, a shield and of course a display stand. I for one do not know which I like better but I sure had a lot of fun interchanging the parts. The fabric does not hamper articulation but it does take a bit to loosen up the figure. This is not an issue but more of an observation.  Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this release so in the end, Captain America gets a solid 10 from Needless. Thanks goes to Mezco for producing the ultimate 6″ Captain America! Now onto the pics!