Okay Hot Toys, What Were You Thinking??

Now here is a true WTF moment for the day. While I do love Hot Toys and Star Wars particularly, this is too much. Coming soon will be a Porcelain Pattern Stormtrooper. Yeah, what??   I have no words for this monstrosity but hey. someone will buy it and it will be worth billions  years from now. Anywho, enough of negative Nancy so here it is!

As the symbol of the Empire’s sweeping military might, the Stormtroopers have a presence in all but every corner of the galaxy. As a special edition release, Hot Toys re-imagines the iconic white battle armor in an original design variation representing different cultures and civilizations. This very special Star Wars collectible: a 1/6th scale Stormtrooper figure’s pattern is inspired by the highly regarded blue-and-white porcelain motif that originated centuries ago in China! Expertly crafted based on the classic Stormtrooper armor, this figure boldly adopts the unique blue-and-white porcelain floral patterns with an Imperial twist on the masked soldier’s helmet and armor, blasters, interchangeable hands, and a specially designed figure stand! Available as a limited edition item in selected markets only, this stylish and extraordinary interpretation of the Stormtrooper figure is a unique collectible for sophisticated fans and collectors

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