OH S#!T It’s Kim & Kim #2-Review

Kim & Kim is turning into one of those series that I will show up for every time, just for the level of development of Kim D and Kim Q. The characters are fleshed out so well, that it’s hard to believe it hasn’t even been a dozen issues. Yeah, there are also spoilers here, because I can’t talk about the second part of the book without spoiling it somewhat. For a review of a Kim & Kim comic, it seems appropriate to screw it up somehow. Like the Fighting Kims, I’ll try to limit the damage.

OH S#!T It’s Kim & Kim #2

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio
Illustrated by: Eva Cabrera
Colored by: Claudia Aguirre
Lettered by: Zakk Saam

$3.99 | full color | mature



After striking an uneasy alliance with the deadly Xue Peng, The Fighting Kims head to Furious Quatro’s Giant Orbital Death Platform for some Ocean’s 11 style hijinks! The fun doesn’t last though as Kim Q.’s secret puts them all in peril. Will Kim D. ever trust Kim Q. again?


The preview pages sent with our review copy is quite possibly the best bit of LGBTQ characterization that I’ve seen in almost forever. It’s written well and it’s drawn well. Kim Q. just wants to be her own person, comfortable in her own skin. Unfortunately, her father, the person who she should be able to count on for unconditional love, doesn’t give her that. I found myself really feeling for Kim Q. here. When a writer can steer my emotion like that, I’ll follow them practically anywhere.

The rest of the story is just part of the narrative. The Fighting Kims almost completely screw up the heist, not just by being horribly incompetent at their part in it, but by Kim Q. not being honest in having her father’s cooperation. Xue Peng seems completely capable of pulling off the heist, but we see her skills are not quite what she believes them to be as well. It must be something in how this profession draws in people with huge egos.

I actually like the first part of this issue better than the previous issue. I like the second part less than the previous issue. Go figure that a comic could split me like that. I really dig the depth that we saw in Kim Q. and now I feel like we’ve got the depth in her that we saw in Kim D. in the previous series.

Final Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)

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