Official Upcoming Transformers Generations Pictures

We’ve got a lot of new Transformers coming up in the Generations line! Many different bots in classic and newer appearances in all the different scales, Legends, Deluxes, Voyagers and even a couple of Leader class figures!


Starting us off in the Legends class we have:
Cliffjumper with Suppressor
Nemesis Prime with Spinster

It’s great to see one more of the Insecticons will be joining Skrapnel and we’re getting three more updated minibots (Even if Cliffjumper appears to be a repainted Bumblebee) What’s interesting is to note that only Cliffjumper and Nemesis Prime are shown with the triplechanging targetmasters we’ve had lately. I don’t know if this means they won’t be making them anymore or if they just haven’t finalized which ones to pair with the other Legends scale figures

Legends Cliffjumper 01Legends Cliffjumper Suppressor 02 Legends Cliffjumper 02

Legends Nemesis Prime 01Legends Nemesis Prime Spinster 02 Legends Nemesis Prime

Legends Bombshell 02 Legends Bombshell 01

Legends Powerglide 02 Legends Powerglide 01

Legends Thundercracker 02 Legends Thundercracker 01

Legends Windcharger 02 Legends Windcharger 01



In the Deluxe class we have two new Autobots:



Deluxe Chromia 01 Deluxe Chromia 02

Deluxe Arcee 02 Deluxe Arcee 01



The Voyager class also brings us two new Autobots and the return of Headmasters!

Optimus Prime


Voyager Brainstorm 01 Voyager Brainstorm 02

Voyager Optimus 02 Voyager Optimus 01



The Leader class sees two incarnations of the Decepticon leader, Megatron! Both have a tank mode (It appears it’s a repaint/retool of the same toy) One is a classic G1 Megatron bot mode while the other one is based on the Armada series Megatron. A few extra details about Megatron, according to the Hasbro toy panel, Megatron will have rubber, working tank treads! The G1 Megatron will also have a label sheet with Autobot stickers as a nod to the IDW series where Megatron has joined the Autobots!


Leader G1 Megatron 01 Leader G1 Megatron 02

Leader Armada Megatron 02 Leader Armada Megatron 01



The Generations toyline appears to be going forward full steam ahead and as an older Transformer collector that had long left buying new toys, I find this line can do little wrong in my eyes and has me prowling the toy aisles again!