Official Images of Combiners Superion and Menasor

Hasbro has released official images of the Transformers Generations Superion and Menasor Combiners. Check them out below and look for more official images from Hasbro soon! Also there are no pre-orders up just yet but they are coming.

Shown below are:

  • Silver Bolt
  • AirRaid
  • Skydive
  • Alpha Bravo
  • Generations Firefly
  • Combiner Superion
  • Generations Class Stunticon
  • Drag Strip
  • Breakdown
  • Motormaster
  • Dead end
  •  Off Road
  • Menasor Combiner


Airraid_R Airraid_V Alpha Bravo bot Alpha Bravo vehicle B0971AS01_TRA_GEN_Legends_119977a B0971AS01_TRA_GEN_Legends_1199251 B0974 - Decepticon Dragstrip_Vehicle B0974----Decepticon Dragstrip_Robot Breakdown_R Breakdown_V DeadEnd_R DeadEnd_V Dragstrip vehicle Firefly bot Firefly vehicle GEN VOYAGER Motormaster Robot GEN VOYAGER Motormaster Vehicle MENASOR combined Offroad_R Offroad_V Silverbolt bot Silverbolt vehicle Skydive bot Skydive vehicle Superion