Official Images of Chaos on Velocitron Transformer box set

Last month it was revealed at Toy Fair 2017 that Hasbro would be releasing boxed sets of “Titans Return” figures featuring exclusive figures and decos. One of these sets was Chaos on Velocitron featuring a G2 themed Optimus Prime, Quickswitch, Autobot Nautica, Fastclash and an exclusive Rodimus Prime Titan Master/head figure. Now thanks to Toys R Us Hong Kong we have new photos of the box and official product information.

This set is expected to be released in Hong Kong towards the end of April 2017 . We have no word on when this will be available in the US but the Hong Kong price is $999.90 (about $128.69 USD). This gives us a general idea on how much it will cost in the States. 

Product Information
Imagine the fastest bots in the universe racing for the ultimate prize in this Titans Return all-in-one Speed ​​Pack. The 5-figure Chaos on Velocitron set features a figure at each Titans Return scale: 1 Leader Class, 1 Voyager Class, 1 Deluxe Class, 1 Legends Class, and 1 Titan Master figure. The Titan Master figure becomes the head for the Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader Class figures

The pack features five special edition figures, including a special edition Titan Master figure with die-cast parts, and a special edition Legends Class clone character figure available for the first time since 1987.

It’s Chaos on Velocitron as the fastest bots in the universe race for dominion over the power of speed. Rodimus Prime and the Autobots must prevent the power from falling into the hands of the sinister Decepticons.

Figure Specs:
Leader Class Quickswitch
Voyager Class Laser Prime
Deluxe Class Autobot Nautica
Legends Class Fastclash
Titan Master Rodimus Prime

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