Official Hasbro Marvel Legends Images

Hasbro has released official images of new Marvel Legends 6 inch figures. Look for fan favorite Angela from Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Dazzler!!, Polaris, Sunfire and so much more! Check out the high res images below and get excited for more Marvel!

MVL Legends GOTG_DARKHAWK MVL Legends GOTG_NOVA MVL_Legends_XMen_Colossus_73912 MVL_Legends_XMen_Cyclops_73901 MVL_Legends_XMen_Polaris_73951 MVL_Legends_XMen_Sunfire_73883 MVL_Legends_XMen_Warlock_73970 MVL Legends GOTG_ANGELA MVL Legends GOTG_VANCE ASTRO MVL_Legends_XMen_Dazzler_73892