NYCC 2016 Wrapup- Bluefin

Bluefin Distributors always brings us the hottest imports and one of their signature product lines is Dragon Ball! If you are into Dragon Ball (Z) or figuarts then check these images. Look for more incredible releases soon and as always, Bluefin delivers the stuff we cannot normally get in the States.

bluefin-1 bluefin-2 bluefin-3 bluefin-4 bluefin-5 bluefin-6 bluefin-7 bluefin-8 bluefin-9 bluefin-10 bluefin-11 bluefin-12 bluefin-13 bluefin-14 bluefin-15 bluefin-16 bluefin-17 bluefin-18 bluefin-19 bluefin-20 bluefin-21 bluefin-22 bluefin-23 bluefin-24 bluefin-25 bluefin-26 bluefin-27 bluefin-28 bluefin-29 bluefin-30 bluefin-31 bluefin-32 bluefin-33 bluefin-34 bluefin-35 bluefin-36 bluefin-37 bluefin-38 bluefin-39 bluefin-40 bluefin-41 bluefin-42 bluefin-43 bluefin-44 bluefin-45 bluefin-46 bluefin-47 bluefin-48 bluefin-49 bluefin-50 bluefin-51 bluefin-52 bluefin-53 bluefin-54 bluefin-55 bluefin-56 bluefin-57 bluefin-58 bluefin-59 bluefin-60 bluefin-61 bluefin-62 bluefin-63 bluefin-64 bluefin-65 bluefin-66