NYCC 2015 Exclusive Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo Statue

NYCC 2015 Exclusive Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya will have an exclusive Street Fighter Sakura (PE Uniform) Bishoujo Statue. Those who buy the statue will also have the opportunity to have it signed by Street fighter producer Yoshinori Ono. Also non attendees will have a shot at this piece as well. Read on for all the details:

Offered exclusively at NYCC 2015 this limited edition Bishoujo statue presents Sakura in her Japanese PE uniform with her last name (Kasugano) running across the front of her outfit. Captured in a mid-air stance, Sakura practices her Shoryuken in the schoolyard in anticipation of her next big match!

Sakura in her PE uniform will be available for sale at Kotobukiya booth #1645 and in limited quantities at Capcom booth #1420 beginning Thursday, October 8th.

As an added bonus those who purchase a Sakura Bishoujo statue during NYCC will have an opportunity to have their statue signed by Mr. Yoshinori Ono, legendary Street Fighter producer! Signings will take place at the Capcom booth (#1420) on Saturday, October 10th from 2 -4PM and Sunday, October 11th from 1 -3PM.

For those not attending NYCC a very limited number of pieces will be made available for sale after the convention via sure you are receiving our newsletter to get the latest updates about this and other exclusive opportunities!

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