Now Shipping From Mezco- Popeye, Hulk and Iron Man!

Oh wow, its been a crazy few weeks and Mezco has added to the madness with three new releases; Popeye, Hulk and Iron Man! Popeye is working his way as the top release for 2018 and many fans are loving him! This one came out fantastic! Our Friend Nick will have a review up this weekend and we will post it up.



We also have the highly delayed Thor Ragnarok Hulk. Some fans are complaining about the color scheme of the figure  and articulation but we are holding back any input until we get ours in hand, I for one am looking forward to our sister site, Needless Toys getting their cases. This one should be quite fun but how will he compare to the Marvel Select Hulk? More on that..

Finally Iron Man is coming home! Yes folks we have Iron man coming any day now and this one I want…like bad. Besides this being my number one figure for the year (im biased), he is getting some good reviews. I still think Popeye has the advantage but we will see! If you have any of these on order through Mezco or another retailer, keep an eye out. Things are about to get real! 

Oh and on a side note, it looks like the PX Dr Strange and Tactical Suit Batman could be coming very soon as well. Dont you just love the purging of releases at the end of the year? Neither do we but we have to get our Mezco fix!