Non Spoiler Movie Review: Ant-Man

We’re kicking off a new column today with the newest movie from Marvel Studios, Ant-Man. Join us for a spoiler free movie review of one of this weekend’s new movies.


I went into this movie knowing very little about the characters and stories surrounding Ant-Man. I knew of Pym Particles, Hank Pym, his connections to the Avengers, a second Ant-Man named Scott Lang and that there was a character named Yellowjacket. All in all, maybe slightly more than your average movie goer, so the movie didn’t really have too many standards to live up to in my eyes and I wasn’t expecting certain storylines or anything.


Movie Review Antman 02

The overall tone of the movie is a fun one. There is more humor in this than any of the other Marvel movies. In this aspect, the standout role for me was Luis played by Michael Pena. Paul Rudd lends some comedy as well as other characters in the movie, but Luis was the main comedic relief and every scene he was in delivered laughs from everyone in the audience.


One of the other aspects of this movie that stood out to me was the special effects. I’m not one to really go on about a movie’s special effects, they’re usually good or bad. What really caught my eye in Ant-Man were the scenes where Scott is miniaturized. The special effects during these scenes look really spot on and you get the feeling as if you are seeing the world from a much smaller viewpoint. Growing up playing the Eyeball Benders in Games Magazine, these scenes stood out to me a lot.


Movie Review Antman 05Movie Review Antman 03The tech in the film looks really good and has a believability to it. The costumes for Ant-Man and Yellowjacket both feel like they can exist in the world, but also have fantastical powers typically seen in the Marvel universe


While watching Ant-Man, I was entertained, but I didn’t have the feeling I’ve had with other really great movies though. While I didn’t feel as awestruck as I have with some of the bigger blockbusters, I wasn’t bored either. The almost 2 hour runtime didn’t really drag for me nor did it feel like it ended too soon. I would rank Ant-Man around the middle of all the Marvel movies thus far (Definitely above both Thor movies, but not quite topping Iron Man, Guardians or Winter Soldier for me) I do recommend seeing the movie, it’s a fun romp and I always enjoy origin movies.

Oh, and stay till the very end of the credits. There are two post credit scenes, one at the end of the stylized credits and another at the very end of all the credits.