The Ninth Doctor Returns In A New, Ongoing Series

Titan Comics has sent a preview of the first issue of the Ninth Doctor’s new series. Thanks to success of his first mini-series, this series will be an ongoing series from Titan, making all of the current television series’ Doctors with new, ongoing comic book adventures with companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness.

The writer of the first mini-series, Cavan Scott returns to write the new series. The artist for this series is relative newcomer, Adriana Melo. You might know her work from Ms. Marvel and Star Wars. Fortunately, the preview pages from Titan give us a peek at the great work she’s putting into these new adventures for the Ninth Doctor, who was portrayed on television by Christopher Eccleston.

ninth doctor #1Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Adriana Melo
Cover A: Shea Standefer Variant
Cover B: Photo Variant
Cover C: Adriana Melo Variant
Cover D: Question No. 6 Variant
Cover E: Blair Shedd Variant
Cover F: Blank Sketch Variant
AOD Collectables Store Variant: Simon Myers
Alien Entertainment Store Variant: Photo
Diamond UK Store Variant: Blair Shedd
FC – 32pp – $3.99
On Sale: April 13

9D_Series_01_COVER_B 9D_Series_01_COVER_C 9D_Series_01_COVER_D 9D_Series_01_COVER_E

9D_Ongoing_01_Cover_AOD 9D_Ongoing_01_Cover_Alien_Ent_Revised Doctor_Who_9D_Ongoing_01_Cover_Diamond_UK

A stunning new clue to Captain Jack Harkness’s missing memories and mysterious past is uncovered! The thrilling race is on for Rose, Captain Jack and The Doctor to escape the clutches of a familiar foe…and a whole planet of The Doctor’s biggest fans?!

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1​ ​hits comics stores and digital platforms on April 13.

Preview Pages:

9D_Series_01_Contents 9D_Series_01_PREVIEW 9D_Series_01_PREVIEW2 9D_Series_01_PREVIEW3