News Blast for 12-02-16- New Figuarts, Kotobukiya and More

Today we have several news bits to share. First, we have some exciting images to show from the Tokyo Comic Con and up first will be Star Wars Figuarts. 

Among the new reveals from Tamashii Nations is an Attack of the Clones Padme Amidala and A New Hope Obi-Wan Kenobi. Here’s the list of what was displayed:

  • Attack of the Clones – Padme Amidala
  • Attack of the Clones – Anakin Skywalker
  • The Force Awakens – Han Solo
  • The Force Awakens – Fin (FN-2187 Version)
  • Rogue One – Death Trooper Specialist
  • Rogue One -Scarif Stormtrooper
  • Rogue One -Stormtrooper
  • Rogue One -Death Trooper
  • Rogue One -K-2SO
  • A New Hope – Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi

The images come courtesy of AmiAmi News and Dengeki Hobby.

tcc2016-sh-figuarts-clone-wars-anakin-skywalker tcc2016-sh-figuarts-clone-wars-display-001 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-clone-wars-padme-amidala tcc2016-sh-figuarts-new-hope-obi-wan-kenobi tcc2016-sh-figuarts-new-hope-obi-wan-kenobi-003 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-rogue-one-death-trooper-specialist tcc2016-sh-figuarts-rogue-one-troopers tcc2016-sh-figuarts-the-force-awakens-fn-2187 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-the-force-awakens-han-solo tcc2016-sh-figuarts-the-force-awakens-han-solo-003

Kotobukiya had a few new items on display from Tokyo Comic Con 2016. Squirrel Girl was already announced along with Tiffany. Still it’s nice to see these items on display. Kotobukiya also had a brand new reveal; The Flash ARTFX+ Statue.  They also had announcement cards for a number of upcoming DC TV Series items. Those include Supergirl, Arrow, and Gotham. The new items include:

  • Flash TV Series – The Flash ARTFX+ Statue
  • Bride of Chucky – Tiffany Bishoujo Statue
  • Marvel Comics – Squirrel Girl Bishoujo Statue

The images come via AmiAmi News and Dengeki Hobby

tcc2016-koto-bride-of-chucky-tiffany-statue-001 tcc2016-koto-bride-of-chucky-tiffany-statue-003 tcc2016-koto-bride-of-chucky-tiffany-statue-004 tcc2016-koto-dc-tv-announcements tcc2016-koto-marvel-squirrel-girl-statue-001 tcc2016-koto-marvel-squirrel-girl-statue-002 tcc2016-koto-the-flash-statue-002

Tamashii Nations also had a few Marvel figures on display at the Tokyo Comic Con 2016. Included is the new Doctor Strange figure. Tamashii Nations was also displaying an assortment of Iron Man Armors in the new Hall of Armor displays. Included:

  • Doctor Strange
  • Iron Man Mark 1
  • Iron Man Mark 2
  • Iron Man Mark 4
  • Iron Man Mark 5
  • Iron Man Mark 7
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow
  • Tony Stark
  • Captain America

The images come courtesy of AmiAmi News. and Dengeki Hobby

tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-001 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-002 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-003 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-004 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-005 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-006 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-dr-strange tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-iron-man-mark-1 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-iron-man-mark-2 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-iron-man-mark-4 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-iron-man-mark-5 tcc2016-sh-figuarts-marvel-iron-man-mark-7

MP-37 Artfire was announced and I must say I like him. He also comes with a Target Master Minicon so that is boss in my book. More info should come on this release soon. 

mp-37-artfire-1 mp-37-artfire-2 mp-37-artfire-3 mp-37-artfire-4 mp-37-artfire-5

And finally we have word on a new Transformer that many of you might want: TakaraTomy LG-42 God Bomber Official images were released. “Godbomber was introduced in the “Masterforce” series as an additional trailer for Ginrai and could combine with the hero to form a suit of armor. This figure seems to retain some of the classic elements of that figure including the ability to merge with Ginrai and even passenger seats for three Titan Master figures“- BWFT

Yeah I had to look up the info as well. I know Transformers but there is a geek level to the brand that I do not know. Geez, so much to learn! 

takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-1 takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-2 takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-3 takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-4 takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-5 takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-6 takaratomy-lg-42-god-bomber-7