New TMNT Vehicles From Playmates Revealed

Thanks to, we have a look at a couple new Nickelodeon based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vehicles coming in 2014 from Playmates Toys. Look for more images in a few weeks as Needless Essentials will be on hand at the Playmates Turtle event at NY Toy Fair.

TMNT_Grass_Kicker_01__scaled_600 TMNT_Grass_Kicker_02__scaled_600 TMNT_Grass_Kicker_03__scaled_600 TMNT_Grass_Kicker_04__scaled_600 TMNT_Shell_Flyer_01__scaled_600 TMNT_Shell_Flyer_02__scaled_600 TMNT_Shell_Flyer_03__scaled_600 TMNT_Shell_Flyer_04__scaled_600 TMNT_Turtle_Sub_01__scaled_600 TMNT_Turtle_Sub_02__scaled_600 TMNT_Turtle_Sub_03__scaled_600 TMNT_Turtle_Sub_04__scaled_600