New Star Wars Saga Legends Luke, Leia and Han Endor Revealed! Plus More!

Our friends over at Jedi Temple Archives got their hands on some awesome new Star Wars Rebels: Saga Legends images. There are some nice Original Trilogy figures in this wave and these are the new vintage for the fans of the original line (77-83). The stand out figures to me is the new Han Solo in Trenchcoat, Luke in Combat Poncho and Leia in Combat Poncho. I do hope these and the rest make it to retail because right now we are getting some awesome figures! Feel free to share these images folks as they are Hasbro exclusive images! 


NewSagaLegends01A_large NewSagaLegends01B_large NewSagaLegends02A_large NewSagaLegends02B_large NewSagaLegends03A_large NewSagaLegends03B_large NewSagaLegends04A_large NewSagaLegends04B_thumb NewSagaLegends06B_large NewSagaLegends06C NewSagaLegends07A_large NewSagaLegends07B_large NewSagaLegends09A_large NewSagaLegends09B_large NewSagaLegends10A_large NewSagaLegends10B_large NewSagaLegends11A_large NewSagaLegends11B_large NewSagaLegends12A_large NewSagaLegends14A_large NewSagaLegends14B_large