New Restart for Needless Essentials Online

Hi folks, its has been a while! I know toy news has been non existent for a while but our comic section has been rocking. Consider this a restart for many different things for the website. Our focus is going to be more of what drives us as collectors and fans. News will come but look for more articles on the obscure, weird and just right out different. If you look at what Stan (our comic book Editor in Chief) has done, we will be doing something similar. In this day and age, most news can be found on Facebook and Instagram so to keep relevant, we need to change a bit. The comic portion is just fine and a huge thank you goes out to Stan for keeping the site alive. 

Something else we will be doing is showcasing different comic cons and Needless Toys. This will give insight to this booming industry just a tad more and look for reports for each show with images of the booth and the show! Ive spent so much time growing the toy side that I lost vision of the pappa site and that needs to change. Also I would like to thank Scott for putting up some killer reviews during my downtime. Enough of that though, lets just rock this thing and make Needless something unique. I encourage each of you to check out our archive. We have some brilliant articles in there with some older news that might be interesting to some folks. Once again, thank you all for keeping us alive and thank you to the readers who visit this site on a daily basis. You all rock- 

Tracy- Owner