New ML Avengers Wave Rumors

Back in October Hasbro announced they would be releasing a new Iron Man Marvel Legends figure based on the upcoming Square Enix Avengers video game and rumors are swirling on who is in the wave. Iron Man is a sure thing but who else could fill the wave? First off, the Avengers wave is coming as several distributors opened up orders this week. Some people posted info on Facebook but they did not list the contents of the wave in the entirety. After some digging in other groups we have seen the following listed. Take this as a rumor until confirmed by Hasbro. 

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Mark1
  • Leader
  • Rage
  • Kamala

This is not a full assortment and no info on BAF just yet. Look for conformation come Toy Fair to see who actually is in the wave.