New Mattel MOTU Leaked List

Thanks to, we have a potential list of 2020 MOTU He-Man products from Mattel. Now this is a leaked list so nothing is confirmed at the moment. Read on for more info

Leaks from the German Toy Fair Closed Door set up. No pics so far, just descriptions.

• Wave 1: He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Beast Man
• Wave 2: Teela, Evil Lyn, Orko
• Wave 3: Scareglow, Man-E-Faces, Mer Man
• Wave 4: Trap Jaw, Stratos, Tri-Klops, Stinkor
• Wave 5: Webstor, Fisto, Moss Man, Roboto
• Wave 6: Jitsu, Battle Armour He-Man, Buzz Off, Clawful
• Mail Away Faker

• Battle Cat
• Sky Sled w/ Prince Adam
• Panthor with fur
• Wind Raider
• Battle Ram
• Zodac on silver floating chair platform.

Shoppe Exclusives:
• 2 pack of Beast Man and Mer-Man. Like He-Man 2 pack they have a vintage toy head and new toy head. 4 hands and more weapons. Yellow trident and wooden axe plus normal weapons. Merman head looks like old mini comic.
• Teela and Man At Arms 2 pack. Teela has Blond hair head and vintage head, sword and spear and shield. 4 hands on each. Man-At-Arms has vintage toy head and new toy head. Brown cape, mace, sword and gun. Man-At-Arms looks like more paint on him.

Boxes are window style like Battle Cat with art on top

• Convention Exclusive: Skeletor Keldor 2 pack. Has open comic like last years set. Skeletor looks painted differently and has vintage toy head, 6 hands and different sword with power sword. Keldor has purple cloth vest, sword and cape with bone harness and extra hands.

• Castle Grayskull under consideration. Looks like the Classics one but with old paint job with black on the face. Less items included.