New IRON MAIDEN Comic Coming From The Makers Of Heavy Metal

Good news Iron Maiden fans, Eddie is making his first comic appearance! Look for a special 5 part mini series in the pages of Heavy Metal where Eddie has to look for his shattered immortal soul. The premises behind this endeavor is spectacular and as an Iron Maiden fan, im excited. Nerdist broke the news so here is some more details:

“As Heavy Metal told us, “Eddie’s immortal soul is shattered and strewn across the cosmos.” Okay, yes, we are onboard for that–go on. “Now, Eddie must journey across space and time to battle the twisted legions of The Beast, seek out the lost shards of his soul, and bring order to the realms.”

“As a lifelong fan of Iron Maiden, it is a privilege to publish the first comic giving a narrative to their iconic mascot, Eddie,” Heavy Metal’s Jeff Krelitz said of the project. “When we discussed the potential of coming together on this project it was immediately clear that there was no better home for Iron Maiden than Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal’s nearly half-century-long history of either working with or launching the careers of only the most accomplished artists continues here with the amazing team Iron Maiden has working on this series.”

The comic is written by Llexi Leon and Ian Edginton with art from Kevin J. West. It’s set to premiere in July’s Heavy Metal #287.

Also look for a pop up shop from Super7 SPECIFICALLY aimed at Iron Maiden as well. More on that soon.