New Images Of Marvel’s Ant-Man 3.75″ Figure And Ant-Man 6″ Figures

Hasbro has released High Res images of their upcoming Ant Man lines. These figures are some of the best to date and the Legends line will give us a Build a Figure for an Age of Ultron- Ultron. Pre-orders for both the 3.75″ scale and the Legends 6″ scale went up yesterday. Read on for all the images and info. 

Up first is the deluxe Ant Man set for the 3.75″ collectors.

B2931AS00_630509328741_pkg_15_Large_300DPI B2931AS00_630509328741_main_15_Large_300DPI


Ant Man
Giant Man
Grim Reaper
Tiger Shark
Avengers: Age of Ultron – Ultron Build-A-Figure

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