New G.I. Joe Reboot Coming Soon From Hasbro??? Maybe…..

Here is some good news folks, G.I Joe might be getting some much needed attention from Hasbro! Normally we do not post any type of internal employee changes (okay minus Scott leaving Mattel) but this one deserved a shout out. It seems Hasbro has been moving some folks around and guess what? G.I. Joe now has a Brand Manager. If you did not know, G.I. Joe has been without a manager for a while now and the brand has stagnated to the point that it became a Toys R Us exclusive. The exclusive part is not a bad thing but the line as a whole has been dead.

The man taking charge is a former Transformers Brand team member by the name of Mark Weber! This is what he had to say via Facebook:

Lots of positions being switched at Hasbro in the wake of our acquisition of the Disney Princesses and Frozen franchises. After 2.5 years of working with the wonderful folks on the Transformers team, I was given the opportunity to help re-imagine and re-launch the G.I. Joe brand. Thanks to all my friends on the TF team – I had so much fun working with you!

Take that as you will but to me it looks like G.I. Joe will be making a comeback and the staff and I at Needless Essentials Online would like to wish Mark the best of luck and we all look forward to the future of G.I. Joe!! Yo Joe!!