New G.I. Joe KRE-O? Hasbro Site Lists “New” Listings

Right on the heels of the Star Wars news comes more interesting listings from the Hasbro customer service site. This time G.I. Joe takes center stage. Over on the Fighting 118th someone dug up this info and truth be told, it is quite possible.

Now there is a ton of G.I. Joe Kre-O listed and a few do match some previous rumored sets. Some of the others such as the Terror Drome would be an absolute treat. Kre-O has done well for both Toys R Us and the G.I. Joe brand so maybe, just maybe this is true. Now for the remainder of the list I am unsure about. Some of these listings look to be cancelled items and other unreleased Joes. We know the 50th is coming up so who truly knows. For now lets just wait for Toy Fair to reveal the goods so consider the lists rumors. As a Joe fan I am really excited for the Kre-O line and I have hope for the mainline of figures. Lets just say February cannot get here fast enough!


01_Kreo 02_Joe 03_Joe 04_Joe