New Captain America Hasbro Reveals!

While we were not in attendance at the NYCC Hasbro event (next year Hasbro, next year) several new reveals were posted. Some of those reveals included new Marvel Legends figures for the Captain America line. Hasbro also showed off some of the movie figures as well. We mirrored some of the images from our friends over at the ToyArk. Make sure you swing bye for the full gallery. If these are placed in a Hasbro display at NYCC we will take more up close pics of these and more.

NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-002 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-003 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-007 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-008 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-009 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-011 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-014 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-016 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-017 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-018 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-020 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-021 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-049 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-050 NYCC-Hasbro-Party-Captain-America-051