Needless Essentials Toy of The Year Princess Leia SW Black

As many of you know, Princess Leia came in as the top toy for 2016 as requested by our readers and staff. Maybe it was due to the passing of Carrie Fisher but still, this in one nice figure! Is she perfect? No but she has a lot going for her. 

I am really digging the aesthetics of this figure! It seems Hasbro changed up the body style because this figure does not seem like a traditional Black figure. The overall movements seem more fluid and it’s easy to strike a pose. I love the fabric used for this figure but you will deal with the fabric being a tad hard to manage. What I mean is the look is perfect but it’s tough to get the hood to stay up or down. I recommend using a clear band to keep it down. 

The original complaint with this figure (first reveal that is) was the face. Hasbro did go back and fix those issue, and to me, this figure looks incredible. I know the New Hope Leia is a tough one to make but Hasbro did great. Leia does lack the rocker ankles but once again I can overlook this. She still has that “human” level of articulation and nothing seems to out of whack. The accessories are fitting of course and you will have no issue with her holding either one.

While this figure is new and hard to come by, all you will need is some time. She is worth the wait. Once you have her she will have a home in your collection. I’m thrilled to have her and I have so many dios running through my mind. Now if there was just a way to iron her outfit. I can’t stand wrinkles on fabric and this does drive me insane. I know some of you reader have an answer for that so please share! Oh and one last thing. The “boots do go up her thigh like you would expect and with this outfit being all white, just be careful when handling her. Overall, this figure get a solid 10 rating. Great job Hasbro and welcome to being number one for 2016 Leia!