Needless Essentials Presents The Top 10 Toys & Toy Lines of 2013!!

Here is our TOP TEN TOYS and Toy lines of 2013! What a year we had and there was some killer stuff that hit.

We will have several pieces of criteria in place for both the toys and toy lines. For example, how big a hit was the line at retail? Was the line collector focused or kid focused?  These are important factors to consider. Also note you can have a toy/ figure hit the top ten without the line as a whole breaking into the top 10.

#1 MP Soundwave from Hasbro Toys

Yeah, we all knew this bad boy was going to be top dog this year and with good reason. This MP was a must have on everyones list AND he also came with 5 cassette tapes. Now he was an exclusive and normally we do not allow exclusives but since a major retailer had him and he was non con related, he made it in.  I mean come on, 5 cassette tapes was included, how could he not make the top spot! Soundwave was indeed a fan fav and he continues to be one of the most viewed topics on the site.

HASBRO_TRANSFORMERS_MASTERPIECE_SOUNDWAVE_TOYS_R_US_EXCLUSIVE_01 MP-SW-Cassette-08-Perch MP-SW-Robot-07-Gun-Action Transformers-Masterpiece-Soundwave-1


#2 G.I. Joe Retaliation Eaglehawk Helicopter From Hasbro

Okay, this one might make a few people mad, especially when you see who comes in at number 3. For me, this was a dream release. Hasbro did not “copy” the original part for part but they actually made the new one better in several ways.  The engine covers pop down and the blades are very easy to put in AND they fold back. I know some fans had issues with the bottom “glass” not being there but I was okay with that. I like the updated machine guns inside the copter and the cockpit was sweet. This to me, was the perfect thank you gift from Hasbro to the fans. That is why this bird made the number 2 spot.

A2024-GI-Joe-Eaglehawk-Chopper-b_1360457555 GI Joe Retaliation Eaglehawk 2 gi_joe_retaliation_eaglehawk__1370962318 GIRET-EAGHAWK-00001-00112_large


#3 Titan Class Metroplex from Hasbro Toys 

001-7 A2411-Titan-Metroplex---Robot-Mode_1360455951 metroLG tfgentitanmetroplexretail1


What a glorious Transformer this one turned out to be. I must admit something….I have yet to get this one. It’s not from trying it’s just that I have yet to score one at retail. I know I could order one and I will but I do like the hunt. This my friends is one amazing piece and I have seen him up close. I hope to have one soon but till then welcome to number 3 Metroplex! This one made collectors and kids very happy!

#4 Mattel Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull 

CastleGreyskull021313 grayskull maxresdefault


Who says playsets are dead? According to the rabid MOTU fans they said hell no and well here you go! This piece was 100% fan supported! In laymans terms, fans had to put their money where their mouth is. This piece would not have made it if fans did not commit to buying this item. Imagine if others would take that same approach. I do not collect MOTU but I sure admire what Mattel has done for the brand. I see more successful years ahead for the might Masters.

#5 Hot Toys Loki

loki 1 loki 2] loki 3 loki 4 loki 5


My word…..just look at that detail. This my friends is the cream of the crop for high end 12″ figures. Hot Toys made a name for themselves for the high workmanship in their collectibles. If you have yet to experience the Hot Toy’s phenomenon then start with Loki. What a glorious figure this one turned out to be! Hot Toys captured the Avengers villain perfectly but I do believe he sold out. Still, if you can find one snag it NOW!

#6 G.I. Joe Night Viper

What can I say about this near perfect figure that has not been said before? Whenever I see the guys behind this piece I plan to thank them in person. This was my favorite G.I. Joe figure of 2013!

IMG_1386_1024x768 IMG_1387_1024x768 IMG_1394_1024x768 IMG_1424_1024x768


#7  DC Collectibles The New 52: Darkseid Deluxe Action Figure

darksied 1Darksied 3Darksied 4Darksied 5dearkseid 2


Have you seen this guy yet? This is one giant bad a$$ action figure! DC Collectibles went all in on this release and you can clearly see that in the detail. When this guy hit the shop, he sold out instantly and it took a few months to get him back in. In fact, everytime we get him he sells out. That tells you something right there; fans love big toys and when you get them with this much detail it turns into a big win for everyone.

#8 NECA Pacific Rim 7″ & 18″ Figure (yeah it’s a two for one deal)

Gipsy Danger 1 Gipsy Danger 2 Gipsy Danger 3 Gipsy Danger 4


You take a movie that deals with giant robots fighting giant monsters and you have an instant win with fans. NECA has done a remarkable job with this line and one of the flagship pieces is Gypsy Danger. The detail, articulation and playability makes this one hell of a figure. In fact we liked it so much we could not decide which version to go with.

#9 Hasbro Star Wars 6″ Boba Fett

Boba Fett 01 Boba Fett 02 Boba Fett 03 Boba Fett 04 Boba Fett 05


This one continues to be a pain in the rear for many collectors. If you take a new size with a new direction and throw the Fett in the mix you will drive fans mad. This is the second release for Boba as the first one was a SDCC exclusive. Do not fret though, if you missed the SDCC version this one will do just fine. I was thrilled to get this figure and I love the line. As a fan of Marvel Legends it was only time before Hasbro added that size to Star Wars. As of now, Boba is a tough find but just know he is well worth the hunt.

#10 LEGO Jaba Sail Barge

LEGO Jaba Sail Barge 01 LEGO Jaba Sail Barge 02 LEGO Jaba Sail Barge 03 LEGO Jaba Sail Barge 04 LEGO Jaba Sail Barge 05


Please santa, bring this one to me….I promise I was good…well good sometimes so I hope that counts! Right now this bad boy is on my list and I will own it. I have the palace and you can’t have the palace without the Barge. A good friend of mine got this and he had a blast building it. You should see that display….it will bring a tear to your eye. When I saw this piece in NY I was in awe. Hopefully I will have it soon.


Here is the TOP 10 Toy Lines of 2013!  There was so much good stuff to come out this year and I think next year we are going to expand into the foreign market as well.

Top Toy line of 2013 goes to……….. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

It’s no surprise that Playmates TMNT line has achieved the #1 top toy line. With billions of dollars in sales, high numbers in ratings, and winning both Boy’s Toy of the Year (beating out Lego, Nerf, and hottest new property: Skylanders) and beating out Avengers, Lego, Barbie, Monster High, and Disney Princess to claim the top prize of Property of the Year.

It’s no wonder why, between cartoon accurate sculpts, a slew of mutant enemy figures, amazing vehicles, a four foot playset, and the greatest innovation; ARTICULATION! The Ninja Turtles has come into a Renaissance of late and the toy line has been a major reason why.

The designers and sculptors at Playmates deserve a lot of credit for this. These figures pop off of their cards when sitting on the pegs and demand that they be bought.

The articulation appeals to both the classic collector and kid alike. Playmates has managed to bridge that gap between appealing to the old fans while maintaining a freshness that draws in the young fan as well.

Playmates has knocked it out of the park with their updated turtle line and here’s to an even greater 2014. – Ronnie Dean




Here is the remainder from 2 to 1o

#2 Lego Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Super Heroes

Lego continues to be a dominant force in the construction/ building block ailes. Face it, LEGO is huge and there is only 1 LEGO. This year was a great year for the licensed property lines. Star Wars continues to impress us all and DC/ Marvel sets make grown men act like little boys (which is a good thing). Heck this year marked the first time I ever bought a set and I loved it! Lego is addictive and the sets I own will never leave me. If only I had more room and money seems to pop up all the time when I look at all those beautiful sets on the shelves. One day my preciouses I will own you all! Or as many as I can get.  I can see why this brand is so beloved by kids and adults alike.

#3 Transformers

Kids love Transformers and I can see why. Robots that transform into machines of all kinds, monsters and or beasts, it matters not. This line has remained strong since the Beast Wars era and I see no end in sight. Fans love the MP Transformers and kids love the Beast Hunter Transformers. Hasbro continues to nurture the imaginations of children and fans of all ages. Generations continues to amaze us all and lets face it, we will be getting more movies. Transformers are here to stay for a very long time.

#4 NECA Pacific Rim

Giant robots Vs Giant Monsters. This is a childs wildest dream! This line is both kid friendly and adult friendly and I have seen both groups go crazy trying to track each character down. NECA continues to deliver high quality toys and the only thing that can slow then down is demand and I do not see that happening anytime soon. Great job guys!

#5 G.I. Joe Retaliation (starting with wave 3.5)

Lets face it, the first two waves of GI JOE retaliation was ho hum. Nothing really exciting to say the least. In fact this line came out LAST year but the movie was delayed 8 months. Fast forward to this past May and we now see a totally different approach. Sure the line vered away from the movie to a degree (by adding fan requested figures non movie related) but we did receive some killer movie figures. Ultimate Duke was incredible and so was Firefly and Roadblock. These were the figures we wanted, these were the figures we needed!  This line gave us some characters we all thought was dead in the water but the big H delivered and we are thankful. I now have a Data Viper and well, thank you Hasbro for giving us these toys. I really think that when G.I. Joe 3 comes out in a few years Hasbro will have this down to perfection. Oh and that Combat Ninja was the BOMB! We need more toys like that!

#6 Mattel Masters of the Universe

I have to give it to Matty Collector and Mattel for developing one hell of a collector focused line. This line, unlike others, is fueled by the collectors. What I mean is, MOTU is a subscription service and the only way fans get these toys made is through their backing. Thats right, fans make it happen by committing to the brand. If by chance support drops and the minimum is not met, MOTU will be dead. Right now fans are not prepared to let that happen.

#7 McFarlane Toys Walking Dead (TV Line)

The Walking Dead is more popular that ever and no one knows when this will end. You have a hit show, a hit comic book and one amazing toy line. I have seen this line mature over the last few years and I continue to be impressed with what McFarlane puts out. I have seen kids go nuts over this line at retail and it’s no wonder Walking Dead made the top 10 list. I only wish McFarlane adds some of the gone but never forgotten characters to the growing roster.

#8 Minimates (ALL minimates) Diamond Select Toys

Minimates from Diamond Select Toys continues it’s march to fame. The line keeps growing and adding more and more properties. I never collected minimates but one has to admire their appeal and I truly do. These little guys have a ton of articulation and accessories (which can be change around) and the ever growing roster is impressive. Now DST has a little license called Aliens and when that hits I will be sucked in for sure. I have been prepping myself and the anticipation is high. I have seen these sets in person and I cannot wait! Also did you know they did an Angela Minimate? Of course you did and its the coolest one yet!

#9 Hasbro Kre-o Building blocks

Kreo, Kreo, Kreo how we all love Kreo. I am a Joe guy so I fell in love with the G.I. Joe Kre-O sets and mini figs. Before Joe was Transformers and the quality has improved immensely from those early sets. One of the main draws is the mini figs themselves. Fans are getting some killer characters from both lines and interest is high. This line is mostly a Toy R Us exclusive (mostly) and it seems to do well there. All I know is people really get into these sets. Most recently, Hasbro expanded the line to include city style sets and mini figs. I see great things down the road for Kreo. For me as long as GI JOE sets are made I will be happy.

#10 Mega Blocks Call of Duty Building sets

Mega Blocks Call of Duty was a squeaker for sure. This line is relatively new to the market but the line took collectors by surprise. I have friends who swear by the line due to the unique build and mini figure construction. I really hope we see more from this line come Toy Fair.

There you have it gang, our top 10 toys and toy lines of 2013! Next year is shaping up to be even wilder so stay tuned. We will be here for the long haul and we thank each and every one of you who visited our site. We would also like to thank all of the toy manufactures for giving all of us some amazing products. It is a challenge in picking a top 10 list and if we missed someone give us a shout out!