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For five years, we have covered the comics and toy industry, but the costs are catching up with us. Relying on advertising helps with some costs, but as we advance more and more, the amount of advertising we would need to fulfill our goal of spreading the love of collecting comics and toys becomes more than a site could handle and remain uncluttered, not to mention free of influence. That is why we are launching a Patreon for your assistance in funding our efforts.

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You’ve seen the comics news websites that essentially run articles that function as little more than PR for publishers and manufacturers. We don’t want to become that. We also don’t want to become one of those web sites that holds back on articles for risk of offending companies and losing access. Needless Essentials Online should offer honest critiques of our hobbies. We should be able to talk honestly about the producers of that product and all aspects our shared hobby. We also want to be able to cover as much as possible for you, our readers and friends. Your patronage will help us do that.

What do you get for becoming a Patreon supporter?

become a patreon supporterWe have made a habit of including retrospective articles. Among these is Reviews Of Old Comics, which has covered over 100 comics. We’ve also given retrospective looks at toy lines that you might be nostalgic for. For all of our patrons, we will make Reviews of Old Comics available a day early through our Patreon page. This is the least we can do to thank you for giving us your support. If you support us with $10 a month, you’ll get access to Patron-only retrospective articles, some about comics, some about toys.

If you support us with $5 or more a month, you’ll get access to a Patrons-only Facebook group. There, you’ll get insight into new articles, what our plans are, and input into which comics and toys we will review. Our Facebook group will remain active, but this will be an increased level of interaction. Special treats may be included in this group, but at this early point, we cannot promise anything in particular.

The highest tier of support is for advertisers. This gets you a spot on the right column of our home page. In order to accommodate everyone, we ask that your ad not be more than 320 x 250 pixels. I cannot stress enough that this will not get you special privileges when it comes to reviews or any editorial content. There is not enough money to do that. Also this level of participation is at our discretion. If we will reject you contribution and ad if it is offensive and/or illegal.

If you wish to become a patron, just sign up on our Patreon page.