Needless Character Analysis: The New Thor

I had read the first issue featuring the new, female Thor and have constantly been barraged with the teaser clues other sites have been running about the possible identity of the new Thor. Based solely on the first issue, I was certain that she was actually Thor’s (step)mother, Freyja, subsequent issues have purged that theory with the female Thor’s inner monologue. It doesn’t look like writer Jason Aaron is going to drop the ball anytime soon, so let’s take a look at the new Thor.

Thor (2014-) 001-000Thor Odinson lost Mjolnir in the final battle against Nick Fury during the crossover event, Original Sin. Some secret Nick Fury whispered to him in close combat rendered the Odinson unworthy to wield Mjolnir. The hammer was stuck on the Moon, unable to be lifted. After the Asgardians had left it behind, and the Odinson went to confront Malekith and his Frost Giants on Earth, an unseen woman lifted the hammer stating, “There must always be a Thor.” What emerged was a new, masked Thor.

The new Thor confronted Malkeith and his Frost Giants at Roxxon headquarters, saving Roxxon C.E.O. Dario Agger, whom she thinks to herself that she has previously met, and defeating sevral Frost Giants without Mjolnir. Just before she is about to revert to her original identity, she regains Mjolnir and thwarting Malekith’s retrieval of the Skull of Laufey, Loki’s father.

Soon after she is confronted by Thor Odinson, who has replaced an arm Malekith had severed with a mechanical one, wanting Mjolnir back from the New Thor.

So who is she? As I said above, my first instinct was Freyja. Just before her departure from the Moon, she had been publicly and chauvinistically scolded by Odin, and lingered in front of Mjolnir. That theory seems moot since the new Thor’s inner monologue is clearly not Asgardian, and almost seems to be that of an American woman.  On the moon, she appeared to not be in any protective clothing, and was wearing a full length skirt or dress. Other than having previously met Dario Agger, not much else is known. Write Jason Aaron has stated in numerous interviews that the story of the new Thor ties into what he has previously written in his run on Thor, God of Thunder. I’m going through that run right now looking for clues. I recommend that you do the same. Jason Aaron is a very good writer.