Needless Character Analysis: The New Power Girl

Tracy messaged me asking what was up with the new Power Girl, Tanya Spears. To be completely honest, I haven’t been keeping up with Worlds Finest, where she debuted and has been appearing. Before we explore her, we need to explore her predecessor, the Power Girl of Earth 2.


art by Adam Hughes

Kara Zor-L was stranded with Helena Wayne after assisting Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman fend off an invasion from Apokolips. As Karen Starr, she has worked to find a way to get the two of them back home. On Earth 2, she was known as Supergirl, but here she adopted the public identity of Power Girl. She partnered with the Huntress who funded their efforts with money hacked from Wayne Enterprise’s accounts.

Power Girl had the typical Kryptonian powers, super-strength,speed, invulnerability, flight, heat and x-ray vision, and super-breath. Through Starr Enterprises she had access to advanced technology, much of which had been purchased for  its potential in creating a way home to her own Earth. Eventually, she succeeded and returned home, but in doing so, left behind another to carry on the Power Girl name.


Art by Kenneth Rocafort


Tanya Spears was an intern at Starr Enterprises in Boston when Power Girl revealed herself to the staff as she finalized the construction of a machine to send her home. Billed as the smartest seventeen year-old, she’s been referred to as Doctor Spears, indicating that the nickname is not hyperbole.

When Power Girl and the Huntress went back to their Earth, There was a transfer of some of Power Girl’s abilities to Tanya Spears and according to legal papers Power Girl left behind, the name was to pass to Tanya, indicating that there may have been some intention in transferring her powers, or Kara knew something that Tanya didn’t.

Later this year, she will join the Teen Titans, so the New 52 is not done with her. Causing a little confusion, in a recent promotion for her appearance in Teen Titans,giving a first look at her costume, her age has been given as sixteen, which is either a typo or she lied to everyone in Worlds Finest about her age.