NECA “Ultimate” Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th part 6

NECA “Ultimate” Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th part 6


NECA is killing it lately. They’ve found this fantastic spot where sculpt and articulation exist in harmony and the figures look great and move well.

To really drive the point home, they’ve been doing Ultimate releases of their figures and dude. DUDE. They live up to the hype. This Jason Voorhees figure is the first real “zombie” Jason—part 6 sees a slightly older Tommy Jarvis dig up Jason’s grave “just to be sure.” He then stabs the corpse with a long metal rod, which gets struck by lightning and BOOM! Zombie Jason lives to slay again. If you’re unaware, Tommy killed Jason in part 4 by shaving his head, pretending to be a young Jason and then putting a machete through the killer’s head.

I suddenly want to re-watch all of these movies.

But we’re here to talk about the figure, not the movies. So. Continuing! Sculpt work has always been one of NECA’s highlights and this figure is no exception. Jason looks pretty rough this go around. If he wasn’t ugly before, a couple years in the grave has really taken its toll. His skin is tight and wrinkled, like you’d expect of a decomposing corpse. Some spots have worn away entirely and there’s exposed skull underneath. It looks gruesome in all the right ways.Jason Voorhees (6)

Jason Voorhees (1) Jason Voorhees (2) Jason Voorhees (3) Jason Voorhees (4) Jason Voorhees (5)

Jason’s clothing is pretty typical for him: work shirt, pants and boots. His shirt has a number of little holes, from bullets or being stabbed, showing that he’s been through a battle or two. Early on in the flick, Voorhees encounters some paintballers and as he dispatches them, he collects the gloves and utility belt of one of them. This gives him a shiny new hunting knife and machete as well as a pouch for something else… fishing lures? I don’t know. But NECA has knocked it out of the park here as well.

Having mentioned the knife and machete, let’s talk about the abundance of stuff Jason comes with. He’s got his mask, which is removable, a spare hand, the pole that gives him life and becomes his first instrument of death upon resurrection and his own tombstone! One of the selling points of these Ultimate figures is all the “stuff” NECA packs in and Jason’s no slouch. The extra hand has a looser grip fits his machete handle perfectly and the pole is actually two pieces to allow you to slip it into the smaller gripped hands.Jason Voorhees (10)

Jason Voorhees (9) Jason Voorhees (8) Jason Voorhees (7)Nothing can ever be perfect, though, and Jason does fall prey to that. For some reason, the eyeholes in his mask are solid and not actual holes. Previous NECA releases have had the eyeholes and not having them here is weird to me. It’s not a huge knock, but it’s still enough to make me go, “hmm.”

There are also some loose joints to worry about, particularly his hips and torso. They’re just a little floppy—he can still hold a pose but I’ve seen a number of complaints about it. I think it’s the way the figure is constructed and not a QC problem. I haven’t actually take one of them apart but I think there’s a t-socket in the hips that kind of free floats which would account for the flopping around. It’s one of those issues that doesn’t bother me a lot because he still does what I want him to but enough people have mentioned that it’s worth bringing up. But I got him to balance on one leg and stay there, so take that however you want.

Jason’s paint apps make him look exactly like he should: dirty and bloody. He very much looks like he’s mid-killing spree and just out of the grave.

Jason is another worthy entry into NECA’s Ultimate series and if they were to pump them out for all of his movie appearances, I wouldn’t argue for a second.

Jason Voorhees (11) Jason Voorhees (12) Jason Voorhees (13) Jason Voorhees (14) Jason Voorhees (15)