NECA Provides a Closer Look at the Predator Blade Fighter

NECA continues to impress fans with their incredible Predator offerings and this one is a must have. First if you’re a fan of the original Predator line from Kenner you will need this. The new Predator Blade Fighter pays proper homage to the original release.  The new version comes in at 2+ feet long and will accommodate most of NECA’s Predator figures. To get you really excited for this release take a look at the vehicle and box in full depth. Read on for more!

With over 60 figures in the line so far, it’s about time our Predators got a sweet ride! Coming in January, the spectacular Blade Fighter vehicle is a massively fun addition to your collection, and loaded with enough weaponry to satisfy even the most aggressive Predators. Take a sneak peek at the final model and packaging!

This massive vehicle is an homage to a classic Kenner vehicle from the 1993 Predator toy line. When fully assembled, the Blade Fighter is over 2 feet in length and accommodates most 6″- 8″ tall action figures! (Figures sold separately.) This is a must-have for Predator fans and will come in gorgeous closed box packaging featuring original art and illustrations like the classic toy lines of yesteryear.

–hinged cockpit
–ball-jointed cannons
–spring-loaded projectile
–spring-loaded detachable 19″ long blades
–removable wing guns (can be hand held by your Predator action figures)
–areas for extra weapon storage
–clips for holding an extra Predator mask

Blade-Fighter_pkg1-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg2-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg3-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg4-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg5-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg6-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg7-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter_pkg8-1300x-1024x819 Blade-Fighter1-1300x-1024x759 Blade-Fighter2-1300x-1024x695 Blade-Fighter3-1300x-1024x690 blade-fighter-final-design-copy2-1300x-1024x868