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The Dark Knight gave us one of the most memorable Jokers on the movie screen. While there have been a lot of figures based on this version of the Joker, there haven’t been too many highly detailed, movie accurate ones that didn’t cost a couple of hundred dollars….until NECA made one. So for this week’s Random Toys, we’re looking at the NECA Joker.

Neca Joker 0012015 saw the release of the NECA Joker based on Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight. The figure came packaged in a Joker themed window box. The box is very interesting as the graphics make it appear to be made by the Joker himself (in fact the credits on the box say as much with the packaging credit for Chris Raimo scratched out and ME written in it’s place. The interior sleeve is made up of multiple, funnily altered newspapers.


Neca Joker 002Neca Joker 003The figure is just under 7 inches tall & has multiple articulation joints. You can achieve many different poses with all this articulation including sitting down. The torso & coat are made of a soft rubber that hides some articulation points.


Neca Joker 005Neca Joker 004The head is where a lot of the magic in this toy is. The likeness is one of the best for this scale of figure. The detailing is very well done and the head is on a ball joint to allow for a good range of motion, though the head can’t look up.


Neca Joker 006The NECA Joker comes with three screen accurate weapons. We have a Smith & Wesson M76 machine gun seen during the Dent chase/Joker apprehension. A Glock 17 Joker uses all through out the movie and a Smith & Wesson Extractor 1600 knife Joker uses while telling Rachel about his scars. All three weapons are highly detailed and fit well in Joker’s hands (the two guns work in his right hand while the left hand is shaped for the knife)


Neca Joker 007

Neca Joker 008

Neca Joker 009One of the few hindrances with this figure is the elbows. They can only bend around a 90 degree angle, this makes duplicating the image on the back of the box with the Joker holding his knife close to his face pretty impossible. The coat can also hinder the figure a little. Really a cloth coat would work better, but you’re not going to get a good looking one at this scale, so this is a necessary trade off for appearance over function.


Neca Joker 010This is one of the nicest 7 inch scaled figures of Heath Ledger’s Joker, while there are minor issues here and there, the details and sculpt in the weapons, figure and everything right down to the real chain hanging around his hip make this a must have figure for any fan of this version of the character. Even the packaging feels like a work of art.

Neca Joker 011