NECA Catwoman Prototype Pictures

Prototype pictures of an 18″ NECA Catwoman figure just showed up on NECA’s Facebook page! Read on to find out more!


This NECA Catwoman is a 1/4″ scale figure measuring nearly 18 inches tall and sporting 30 points of articulation. Based off of the movie Batman Returns, the detailing is crazy accurate on this even down to the haphazard sewing skills of Selina Kyle. The figure has an authorized likeness of actress Michelle Pfeiffer and comes with two interchangeable heads. One is a normal, calm head while the other is angry with damaged mask and synthetic hair popping out from underneath the mask. NECA Catwoman also has interchangeable hands and a Taser & Whip accessories.

This figure is slated to ship out to retailers in October.

NECA Catwoman 01 NECA Catwoman 02 NECA Catwoman 03 NECA Catwoman 04 NECA Catwoman 05