NECA Arkham Origins Batman New Images!!

NECA has released some incredible images of their upcoming Batman 1/4 Scale Figure. This my friends is one amazing piece and you have to see it to really grasp how cool it is. This figure is from the highly popular Arkham Origins series. Batman sports 25 + points of articulation, real soft goods and includes signature weapons (Batarang and Grapnel gun)

 One of the most exciting items on display in our booth at last month’s Toy Fair was a certain caped crime-fighter with a thing for bats. The prototype of our 1/4 scale figure from the Batman: Arkham Origins video game got a lot of attention, so once we (mostly) recovered from the show, we took him into the photo studio for an up-close demonstration of his abilities!

NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-001 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-002 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-003 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-004 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-005 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-006 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-007 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-008 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-009 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-010 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-011 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-012 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-013 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-014 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-015 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-016 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-017