NECA Announced New Aliens Toys

NECA announced a new series of Aliens toys to be shipped November of this year. The highly anticipated announcement included a series 10 of these toys to be exclusively from the Kenner expanded universe of the early 90’s. The Gorilla, Mantis, and Queen Facehugger were terrifying new creatures to the Alien universe in the Dark Horse comics and were the inspiration behind series 10.

alien 1

alien 7

Not a lot is specified on NECA’s social networks or website other than these will have points of articulation and some special features to them (as seen in the image above) like the face plate on the Gorilla and the glow of the Mantis (as seen below)

alien 10

alien 2

alien 8

alien 9

alien 4

alien 3

alien 6

alien 5

The Facehuggers, however, seem to show a little more than the previous two. In the images above, we can clearly see how long these horrifying Aliens will be along with some articulation.