NECA 7″ Classic Video Game Leatherface

NECA just revealed a new addition to their Classic Video Game inspired line of figures, Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


NECA Atari Leatherface 01

It’s Leatherface like you’ve never seen him! NECA’s highly successful line of classic video game tribute figures continues with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now a super-rare find, the side-scrolling game was originally released in 1983 for a popular 8-bit home console.

Leatherface stands 7″ tall and has over 25 points of articulation for great poses. The figure comes with vinyl apron and chainsaw accessory. Special paint deco reproduces the game’s stylized look. Comes in special window box packaging that faithfully recreates the look and feel of the classic video game cartridge box.

NECA Atari Leatherface 02


The popular 8-Bit home console they are talking about is the Atari 2600! I did a little research into this and found out that Wizard Video released  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the Atari 2600 in 1983 Due to controversy about the game’s subject matter and the timing of the release (This was the same year as the Video Game Crash) This game is very rare and therefore, not many people may know it ever existed.

Of course now, this figure has started a little bit of controversy online among fans as many claim the figure is the wrong color! Many of the screen caps seen online show Leatherface in a blue outfit, not green like the figure shows (this includes the screencap on the back of the original Atari game’s packaging) There are however, other screencaps online that show Leatherface as green and at least one review mentions Leatherface being dressed in green in the game.

Since I do not own this game myself, I can’t weigh in on which would be the more accurate color scheme, but rest assured, this does look like a cool figure and has WAY more definition and details than it’s original 8-bit counterpart