NBX Minimates Series 2 Review

Very shortly before Christmas, Toys R Us and Diamond Select dropped a present at the TRU Stores in the form of Series 2 of Nightmare Before Christmas NBX Minimates! I grabbed a couple of the sets the other day, check out what I thought about them after the jump.


The Toys R Us wave of NBX Series 2 Minimates only consists of 3 two figure packs:

Santa Jack & Easter Bunny

Pumpkin King & Zero

Mr. Hyde & Wolfman


The first set we have is Pumpkin King & Zero


NBX S2 Minimates 01

Pumpkin King has some newly sculpted pieces to give him a tattered clothing look. The arms have some older flame pieces on them. The overall look is pretty cool and makes him look like a scarecrow on fire.


NBX S2 Minimates 02

I especially like that the Halloween Town sign can be attached to his back.


NBX S2 Minimates 03

Pumpkin King comes with a spare grinning Jack Skellington head that looks very nice.

NBX S2 Minimates 04

But I think that head looks much better on the Jack Skellington body that came in series 1. This is now my new replacement head for that figure as I wasn’t too keen on the smiling head he originally came with.


NBX S2 Minimates 05

Next up is Jack’s dog, Zero. The sculpting on this “figure” is simplistic, but dead on for the likeness. Zero is made from smoky translucent plastic to simulate being a ghost. He comes with a flight stand and has a single point of articulation, his neck.

NBX S2 Minimates 06

The neck post is painted red which works really well to represent his collar.


NBX S2 Minimates 07


NBX S2 Minimates 08

Zero also comes with his dog house. The house is well sculpted and a nice display piece.

NBX S2 Minimates 09


NBX S2 Minimates 11

This pack is wonderful! I like Pumpkin King so well I have him displayed along with Jack even though they are the same character (Although I’m not a fan of the arm flames, but thankfully they can be easily removed) As for Zero, I had planned on waiting for the Series 2 blind bag Glow in the Dark version, but the headsculpt on this one looks so good and the simplistic design works so well, I’m very happy to have this one even though he doesn’t glow in the dark.

NBX S2 Minimates 10


The next set we have to show you is the Toys R Us exclusive Mr. Hyde and Wolfman set.

NBX S2 Minimates 12

Mr. Hyde is fairly plain with a black, oversized coat and his crooked hat. His face is really the only thing that stands out with the light green skin tone and yellow bug eyes.

NBX S2 Minimates 13


NBX S2 Minimates 14

In contrast to Mr. Hyde, Wolfman is full of sculpted details including a fully sculpted head, torso and lower legs.

NBX S2 Minimates 16

NBX S2 Minimates 15

The torso piece not only has the shirt design sculpted, it also has many patches of hair and the Wolfman’s tail sculpted on it. Since the tail is part of the torso piece, the lower legs can easily be used with other Minimate bodies to create your own Satyr styled creature

NBX S2 Minimates 17


NBX S2 Minimates 18

While Mr. Hyde is pretty bland looking, he works as a background character to fill out your own Halloween Town display. I had to go back to the movie to see if he was even in there. Interestingly enough, he shares a scene with Wolfman in the movie so I can see why he was included in this pack.

Wolfman is the real winner of this set for me. I love the sculpted details and the figure overall just looks great.

NBX S2 Minimates 19



NBX S2 Minimates 20

I started out only wanting a couple of figures from this line and had decided not to collect them all, but just about every figure in this line winds up being so cool that I have almost gotten the entire line thus far! The figures from series 2 are no exception combining the unique style of Nightmare Before Christmas with the block aesthetic of Minimates beautifully. If you like either property, I highly recommend picking some of these up.