Nathan Wiedemer – Artist Of The Week

I wanted to choose an artist whose style has a generally fun atmosphere, so I settled on someone that deserves your attention, Nathan Wiedemer. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nathan for many, many years and his work deserves every bit of your attention.

Working primarily with writer Steve Mangold, Nathan also explores his own ideas. He’s also got one of those styles that adapts itself perfectly to a variety of characters, bringing a levity to characters that others take far too seriously. He regularly sets up at shows in the Orlando area, notably MegaCon, but does get to shows outside of that area occasionally. When you look at the body of his work over the years, you’ll see a consistent evolution of his style that just grows more and more technically sound, even though it started on par with some of the best cartoonists in the independent comics community.

Check out the gallery of his work below, taken from his DeviantArt page. You can also check out the web site he shares with his frequent collaborator, Steve. There you can buy books, or contact him directly to inquire about a commission.

power_girl_and_krypto_by_sosnw-d8ihaxx same_old_story_title_card_by_sosnw-d3c7dz6 p_stone_chesterton_portrait_by_sosnw-d6kauec

black_canary_by_sosnw-d8pt55j cover_art_by_sosnw

crash_astro_promo_by_sosnw foxglove_thunderby_kidgalatic_by_sosnw general_hodgepodge_cover_by_sosnw-d7629t0

i_fight_everything__promo_by_sosnw-d3brwnu Nathan Wiedemer