Nano Hollywood Rides Back To The Future

Jada Toys has released a three pack of Delorean Time Machines from Back To The Future in their Nano Hollywood Rides line. We got ourselves a pack of them and busted out our Macro Lens to show the cars off to you!

The three pack comes blister carded showing off all three cars. The card art has the rear of a Time Machine from the first movie showing the 80’s “Outatime” license plate. All three cars are lined up on the right side of the card with the movie logo at the bottom of the card.


Pulling the first movie Time Machine out of the package, this appears to be the plainest looking of the three. It’s got a great silver metal flake paintjob with a black stripe down the sides. All of the windows are painted black. Since it’s die-cast metal, it’s got a nice weight to it making it feel very strudy.


The wheels are black plastic with silver painted rims. They are free rolling, but the front wheels do not seem to roll well. It kinda seems like the front wheels are rubbing against the fenders a bit. 


Unfortunately none of the Time Machines have a license plate painted on them. I can understand not having a fully detailed plate due to the size of these cars, but I think something like a white or orange square (depending on which car) would’ve been a nice touch. As it is, the rear of the car looks pretty plain on all three.


The back of the car is really well detailed for the size. The Plutonium chamber is highlighted by being painted silver while the rest of the circuitry and machinery around it is painted black.


The flying Time Machine from Back to the Future Part 2 looks very similar to the first movie car. There are some added paint apps inculding the light blue coils on the front and rear of the Time Machine. All the same black paint apps from the first car are still present here.


The Wheels are sculpted in their “Flight Mode” position showing them face down under the car. These wheels are part of the plastic base piece and do not move. There is a set of roller wheels on the bottom of the car that do move and allow the Time Machine to look like it’s slightly hovering off the ground. These wheels roll very well.


The rear of this flying Time Machine shows the new sculpted addition of Mr. Fusion. I’m not sure if they completely sculpted a new rear section or not, but it appears as if they repurposed the first car’s tooling and just made some changes to cover up some of the older details and add in Mr. Fusion.




The third Time Machine shows us the changes after Doc and Marty got it ready to ride the rails. There’s a new sculpted piece on the hood and the bottom plastic piece is slightly different to cause the front end to be raised up a bit. This causes the front wheels to not rub on the fenders like the first car does. The wheels are sculpted so the rims stick out a little to make it look like the rubber tires have been pulled off. The blue paint on the coils is gone now.



The rear looks just like the second Time Machine with Mr. Fusion sticking up. 


I’m not sure if the new piece on the hood is plastic or not but it’s definitely a seperate piece added to the car. The details are a little soft on the sculpt, but honestly, at this size we should be happy there IS sculpting.



The Nano Hollywood Rides are listed as being 1.65 inches long. That makes them slightly longer than Micro Machines and just over half the length of a Hot Wheels car.


This is my first set of Jada’s Nano Hollywood Rides. I had seen some of the Transformers Movie ones in the past but hadn’t been interested. I only found out about these because I started checking the toy aisle waiting for the upcoming GI Joe cars Jada will be releasing later this year and let me tell you, I am VERY glad I found these! One $6 pack gets you the three main versions of the Back to the Future Time Machine and while these are tiny cars, they have a lot of details! I’m so happy with this set that I wouldn’t mind another set. It could have a larger version of the car carrier from the first movie with opening rear door so you could fit the first Time Machine in it. Then you could either add in the Third Time Machine with the giant 50’s tires on it or the blue microbus the Libyans drove in the first movie. I would also like a clear flight stand for the flying Time Machine since there’s already a hole in the bottom of the car.

I highly recommend checking out the Nano Hollywood Rides line. The cars are well constructed and fun. They also have cars from Fast and the Furious, Batman Returns, Harry Potter and Transformers. Soon to also have GI Joe. (Toy based, not movie based)