My FCBD 2015 at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find

This is my first time getting to a shop an hour early for FCBD, and for Charlotte, NC my shop of preference for this event is Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find. There were about 30 people in front of me and about a third of them are kids, which is good to see.

The local Ghostbusters car is here playing music for the waiting crowd. There’s no sign of a special back issue sale out front like in at least one previous year, but given how much preparation goes into a FCBD, especially six weeks before their big annual convention, I don’t think anyone will mind. Besides the Ghostbusters guy selling prints and comics, the local Sith club is enthusiastically giving lightsaber dueling lessons, which a few people take them up on.

CEAPNfqWIAEbsgvAt half an hour to go, the line has at least doubled, and will most likely wrap around the building by the time the doors open. I’ve spotted three cosplayers, Kraven, Rogue and the Penguin. Penguin is in full character, while Rogue and Kraven are just waiting in line to snag some comics. Then a rule 63 two-face walks by to get in line. I spot a little girl in a cape, and now it’s looking like a party.

It’s always fun to see tee shirts at a comics-themed event. Just looking around, there’s lots of Marvel – brick Avengers, wolverine with Japanese text, Amazing Spider-Man and all encompassing Marvel are a few I see right away. DC tees are standard Batman emblems, a Flash logo, and a refreshing Wonder Woman tee design I had not seen before. I ‘m wearing A Pam from Archer tee, chosen primarily because it fits best out of all my tees. Lots of people seem to like it.

At ten minutes to go, the crowd is officially huge, and about 40% kids. I really like seeing this many kids interested in comics and wish that Comic book editors could see how much interest kids show in comics. There’s also about a third of the crowd that is female, which is good to see. Another thing that I wish the industry would recognize more than it does.

Inside the store, the free comics are on tables in the back of the store, a departure from previous years, but I imagine that it makes it easier to restock free comics when a stack starts running low. With 50 free comics offered by publishers, it seems a little more logical and may help everyone get what they want and not miss anything because it temporarily ran out on the shelf.

The process is very efficient, and by 10:45, I am done getting comics and buying a couple of new comics, Spider Gwen #3 for me and Transformers: Windblade #1 for my daughter who loves the art of Sarah Stone. I step across the street for a late breakfast and drop my books off at the car and then head back to see how the crowd has developed. There’s a lot more cosplayers, the best of which being a Marvel Girl in line, DJ Spider as an 80s era Supergirl and Amberle Linnea a Shadowcat complete with a small Italian Greyhound painted purple and wearing wings.

Photo by Shelton Drum, click to go to source.

I meet up with a friend of mine and after he gets out of the store we get into the line for free sketches. We get to chat with a young man in line with us and once sketches get started, it becomes apparent that the big demand is for Brian Stelfreeze and Jason Latour. My friend goes to get a sketch from Bridgit Connell and I get a sketch from Hoyt Silva, who does an excellent Brainiac 5 for me. You’ll hear more about him next week. I reconnect with my friend who’s been joined by another friend of ours that maintains a Pippi Lockstocking Sketchbook, and the aforementioned DJ Spider. After a brief conversation where I learn that the Supergirl costume she chose is based solely on her love of 80s comic books and headbands. I say my goodbyes and walk back to the car, satisfied in a great FCBD experience.

Thanks, Heroes, for putting together another great event.