MOTU MUSCLE Trash Can – Random Toys

This past SDCC saw a lot of Masters of the Universe releases by Super7, One of which caught my eye immediately. This week’s random toy is the MOTU MUSCLE Trash Can set.


MOTU MUSCLE 001If you grew up in the 80’s you saw the small, clear trash cans that held 10 Muscle figures. You also knew about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but it would be 30 years later before they were combined! You can see the MOTU MUSCLE clear trash can has both properties’ logos and a mash up of the old Muscle image but with He-Man instead of Kinnikuman.


MOTU MUSCLE 002The back of the MOTU MUSCLE Trash Can has the Muscle logo again with a tag line and the Super7 logo. The one issue I have with the trash can is that they replicated the printing process from the original line. This means that all these cool graphics are printed on a sheet of shrink plastic that you have to cut to open the can. You can do like I did and cut around the lid, but I would’ve preferred a more permanent printing process.


MOTU MUSCLE 003The trash can lid features an awesomely sculpted Skeletor face. You can see the figures inside. Unlike the original cans (which held 10 figures) this one holds 12 figures (a full set of wave 1 MOTU MUSCLE figures) The figures are various colors and as far as I can tell, completely random.




There are 6 figures from each side. The good side features He-Man, Teela, Man At Arms, Buzz Off, Ram Man & Man E Faces. The sculpts are really well detailed for these figures considering they’re only around 2″ tall. While the colors are all random, you will get 1 glow in the dark figure in each can. Mine turned out to be Ram Man.




Here is the evil side of Eternia, Skeletor, Mer Man, Beast Man, Tri Klops (with 3 differently sculpted eyes!) Trap Jaw & Whiplash. I really like that the randomness of the colors inadvertently gave me warm  colors for all the heroes and cold colors for all of the villains





The MOTU MUSCLE figures stand around the same size as vintage Muscle figures and definitely have a similar aesthetic. The figures have a similar feel to them as well. The rubber bends much like vintage Muscle men. This is a great mash up of two popular 80’s properties. Many of the figures turned out exceptionally well like Buzz Off, Mer Man & Whiplash. A couple of the figures felt a little too thin to me. Notably He-Man and Skeletor. I think perhaps a wider leg stance would help make the figures look a little more fuller and dynamic but as is, the full line is well executed and above all, fun.




MOTU MUSCLE 009Since the MOTU MUSCLE line is based in the Masters of the Universe world, you don’t get any of the truly unique figures you saw in the Muscle line like the Claw, but that doesn’t mean your MOTU MUSCLE guys can’t fight those super odd-ball figures now that they’re both the same size!