Monika by Guilleme March Preview

Guilleme March became known to the majority of American comics readers from his work on Catwoman for DC Comics. While he prepares an English translation of his creator-owned Laura, Titan Comics is preparing to release his new original graphic novel series Monika.

Yes, I know some of you may find his work unappealing and the thought of him doing a “erotic thriller” a little distasteful. However, Titan Comics has a good track record with their series. There should also be room for every type of comic. Just because you don’t think you’ll like it, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth somebody’s time reading it.

Titan Comics describes it as “Ex Machina meets Eyes Wide Shut”, an “erotic, politically-charged science-fiction thriller” Monika is currently solicited in the MARCH Previews with the code MAR161734. It definitely looks like the type of thing not meant for younger, immature readers, but some of you may find it interesting enough to give a try. Check out the two preview pages below.


Writer: Thilde Barboni
Artist: Guillem March
Retail Price: $15.99
ISBN: 9781785853524
Page Count: 56pp

Diamond order code: MAR161734

Monika is an artist, desperately searching for the sister she lost as a child. When a lead takes her into a dark erotic underworld, she realizes that her missing sister is involved… Hiding her true self, Monika is only truly comfortable with an advanced, secret, Artificial Intelligence that fascinates her.