Mission Fleet Mandalorian Speeder Bike Review

Hasbro just released a new line of Star Wars toys called Mission Fleet. We’re taking a look at one of their more popular sets from the line, The Mandalorian Speeder Bike!


The Mandalorian Speeder Bike is one of the mid range sets in the Star Wars Mission Fleet line. This line is similar to the Playskool Heroes line or Mattel’s Imaginext line. The line has a child aesthetic to it, but is cool enough for this collector. The front of the box has a large piece of artwork showing this set in action. There’s a window at the bottom corner that shows us the figures inside and some of the accessories.

The back of the box shows us everything included in the set and even mentions that the picture is a 1:1 ratio so these are the actual sizes of the toys inside!



The Mandalorian figure is a good likeness of the character from the show and has a lot of sculpted details all over.


The articulation on the figure is nice for it’s size. You have a ball jointed head that allows a lot of movement and the shoulders are swivel/hinge joints. The shoulder armor does restrict the movement a bit. The wrists can swivel and the hips are your basic swivel articulation.


The cape plugs into the back and you can switch it out for a jetpack.



The Mandalorian comes with his Amban Rifle. It looks good and fits well in his hand. I just wish he had more arm articulation to use both hands with it.


He also has his trusty blaster pistol. Like the rifle, it fits well in his hands and has a lot of sculpted details.


Now here’s one of the main reasons I bought this set, The Child! He is basically a solid body with a ball jointed head. I didn’t think that one point of articulation was going to do much, but it works great to add emotion to the figure! There’s a good range of motion with the ball joint.




The other reason I wanted this set is you get The Child’s hover pram! My wife pointed out to me that it’s the wrong color and not exactly the same as what’s on screen. However, it’s still nice looking and thus far, the only hover pram we’ve gotten in action figure form thus far.

The shade visor can move out a little bit to cover the Child more, but it doesn’t fully enclose him. The Child can fit in the pram well enough, but he does tend to fall down into it rather than stand up due to how it’s sculpted.



Along with the clear stand piece for the pram, there’s a clear bar that connects the pram to the back of the Mandalorian Speeder Bike. This is a nice addition to give it the appearance of the remote follow feature seen in the show.


The Child included with this set is very close in size to the Black Series Child figure so that means you can even use the Hover Pram from this set for your Black Series Child and Mandalorian!



The Mandalorian Speeder Bike is basically a single piece of plastic with no moving parts. It’s sculpted well and looks nice. The Mandalorian figure fits on the bike well but I do have an issue with his hands coming off while trying to get them to hold the handle bars. They eventually grip the controls but be warned, they may pop off his arms a couple of times in the process.

There is a removable spring loaded missile launcher that can plug on the front of the bike. There are also two holes on either side of the bike that the launcher can be plugged into. It shoots well and is ok, but I typically display the Mandalorian Speeder Bike without the launcher.


All in all, this is a fun little set of toys. I did get it mainly for the Child with Hover Pram but the Speeder Bike and Mandalorian are good too.