Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions #5 Review

In my first review for this new Minimum Wage series, I likened this new series to rediscovering an old friend. Now we are getting to the part where we watch our old friend make decisions that we know are bad for him, but we’re helpless to stop him. Most of us know someone that has been in this situation, and in the best of cases, they come out of it learning a valuable lesson. In the worst, they find themselves back in a bad situation, afraid to move out of it again.


Story By: Bob Fingerman
Art By: Bob Fingerman
Cover By: Bob Fingerman
Published: September 2, 2015

An old flame rekindled.

Bob Fingerman has titled this six-issue arc of Minimum Wage “So Many Bad Decisions.” It is not without merit and this issue is the culmination of all of those bad decisions to this point. I don’t think it’s spoiling to say that Rob has gotten back together with his ex-wife Sylvia and things are moving fast, and everyone is telling him it’s a bad idea.

I like catching up with what when on with Sylvia. She was one of the best parts of the original Minimum Wage. This rekindled relationship is going for Rob about where his last few have gone, being great for him sexually, but with Rob worrying that there are ulterior motives behind his partner’s affections. It’s a classic case of living too much in one’s head and not taking people for what they are. To his credit, though, of all of these relationships, his one with his editor Sheila was possibly the healthiest and most worthy of just taking at face value.  This rekindled relationship with Sylvia doesn’t have that feel. In the original series, it did, but not here. The difference in Sylvia after she married Rob really needs to be explained, but perhaps it’s just that people change. Sylvia certainly has and seems more desperate, for lack of a better word.


As far as the art goes, this is some of the strongest of Minimum Wage. The blacks are rich and frame the figures extremely well. Rob’s expressions give so much away that it seems like Sylvia should be able to read his thoughts. Sylvia seems expectedly older, but not necessarily wiser, Her face reads more as someone that has tried so hard and is just happy to not be trying for once. When that facade drops, we see this person that has not taken this life after divorce as well as everyone expected.

The first four issues of Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions have been depressing to watch, and this one is that way, too, but it feels as if Rob is coming to the end of this journey through a series of bad decisions, and hopefully will learn something from them all.

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